Taurus weekly horoscope: from April 17 to 23, 2023

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In the Taurus horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, Mercury retrogrades in your sign, causing delays and confusion at work. For its part, the Solar Eclipse will bring positive experiences and new people into your life.


Mercury, the planet related to thoughts and everything you express, will start its retrograde path this week. You will feel this influence more than other times because it will be generated in your own sign.

In addition to the delays and confusion in your daily tasks and work projects, it could make you think things that are not correct.

You could also promise more than you can deliver in terms of professional commitments or say things you would later regret. Be careful how you express yourself and do this ritual with cinnamon to attract peace and tranquility, try it!


With the generation and the process of the first Solar Eclipse of the year, all your emotional and physical sensitivity will be increased as it happens in the twelfth house of your horoscope.

Therefore, try to have calmer days and put aside text messages, as well as watching videos all the time, because it will generate dispersion and you will have to prepare for the good.

Keep in mind that the mentioned event for the next six months will bring into your life positive experiences and new people, which will be favorable reunions of past lives.


This will be a week full of nerves, confusion, delays, and anxieties due to the retrogradation of Mercury in your horoscope sign. It is better that you try to be more relaxed and order your mind and routine, otherwise, you could suffer digestion and stomach problems.


Before the eclipse, take a bath in Mother Earth to calm your anxieties and prepare yourself for the good. Prepare your immersion bath as cold as possible to wake up your body and help it get rid of tension.

Have some soil ready and pass it through your body feeling its firmness and security. Then, you rinse while imagining how each of your cells became active and invigorated, to receive the benefits of the Solar Eclipse. As soon as you feel lighter, you can take your usual bath


The best day of the week will be Friday thanks to the fact that the Sun and the Moon will already be in your sign to give you strength and mystical energy. In this way, you will believe more in yourself and you will have opportunities for commercial triumphs.


The key this week for you will be to watch every word you say and assume the power and influence they have in your life.

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