Capricorn weekly horoscope: from April 17 to 23, 2023

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In the Capricorn horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, the Solar Eclipse brings positive changes and a new stage in family relationships. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde could cause investment problems for you.


Mercury, the planet of thoughts, will begin its retrograde path this week through the area of ​​your horoscope related to your own business and financial speculations.

As this change of direction will take place in the Taurus sign, associated with negotiations and agreements, the problems will increase.

This could stress you out more if you see that you are not getting the expected profits, especially if you invest in the stock market or in cryptocurrencies. You should also take precautions in everything you sign, as well as verify the bank deposits you make.


In the early hours of Thursday, it will be the first Solar Eclipse of the year and you should prepare yourself because it can bring you many changes in family relationships.

If you come from a mental exhaustion due to discussions and events within the family framework that are difficult to understand, as well as to control their reactions, after the eclipse this will change.

This is how a new stage will begin for you with a better level of communication and in which you will not allow emotions to intervene so much. In the following days, it is important that you use the best plants to balance the energy of your home.


As the days of the week go by, the daily routine and the tensions of Mercury retrograde that you will feel stronger as you are your own ruler will affect your respiratory system, since it is the weak part of your body. For this reason, I recommend you take everything easy and take precautions for the aforementioned retrogradation.


So that you can synchronize your energies with your business plans and that they are not affected by the influences of Mercury retrograde, do a ritual to achieve abundance.

For this, you will need an orange, a symbol of prosperity, a glass, and a sheet of paper. When you are calm, cut the orange and squeeze its juice. Then, write on paper those businesses that you want to achieve and that you do not want to be affected by retrogradation.

Take the juice little by little while you read what you have written and savor it feeling the emotion of already having what you want. Then, bury the written paper along with the shells in your garden.


The best day of the week will be Friday since the Moon and the Sun will form a favorable aspect that will give you strength and encouragement. For this reason, you will be at a good time to plan your goals for the rest of the month.


The key is to become aware that from time to time you must clean your energy bodies because here you will attract better situations.

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