Scorpio weekly horoscope: April 17-23, 2023

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In the Scorpio horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, the Solar Eclipse changes your work and professional destiny. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde could cause disagreements and arguments in your intimate relationships.


In the middle of the week, you will experience the first Solar Eclipse of the year. Because it is so powerful, it will bring important and definitive new paths and in your case, this current of energy will drive you to make a great job change.

Surely you will leave your current employment company, you will go on to occupy a position with more responsibilities and you could even make a complete turn to the type of activities to which you dedicate yourself.

In addition to these good vibrations in your horoscope, you must keep in mind to do the ritual to open paths and that you can do this with only two ingredients.


This week Mercury, the planet of thoughts and how you express them, begins its retrograde path. You will feel its influence, especially in your personal and sentimental relationships because confusion will appear in your feelings.

It is for this reason that you will be misinterpreting the words and text messages you receive and thus leading to disagreements and discussions.

You could even review your feelings and discover that what you feel towards your partner is not so deep. If you already came with doubts or problems, it is better not to clarify anything yet; just try to keep conflicts from escalating.


It is a week in general because of the good energy in which you will feel better and more stimulated to take care of your body. As you will perceive that you can advance in your material goals with this aspect, you will be motivated to improve your diet, take the necessary rest and be more disciplined in your exercise routine.


It is important that you know that, due to the influence of Mercury retrograde, you may have difficulties in your intimate relationships. To keep calm, use the ritual of colored ribbons. Look for three green, red, and white ribbons that are the tones of the angel Saint George, who overcomes obstacles.

Join them at their ends and, every time you feel overwhelmed by interference, start braiding the ribbons and finish with a knot using all your strength.

While squeezing it tightly, declare out loud that, from now on, you will take care of the words you say and interpreters. Do this throughout the week and at the end you bury it.


The best day of the week according to your horoscope, since the planets Mars and Saturn conspire with each other to awaken your inner power and thus continue to believe more each day in the magic of your rituals.


The key for you will be to find your true vocation and develop it. In this way, you will be following the desires of your soul.

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