Aries Weekly Horoscope: from April 17 to 23, 2023

Check here the weekly horoscope for Aries. Predictions in love, health and money for Aries by the AstrologyManifest

In the Aries horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, the first Solar Eclipse of the year will be in your sign, bringing very important changes. On its own, the retrograde march of Mercury could experience delays or inconveniences in bank deposits and opening of accounts that you make electronically.


Mercury will begin its retrograde path this week, and as this phenomenon directly influences the horoscope area of ​​your finances, you should be careful because you could experience delays or inconveniences in bank deposits and account openings that you make electronically.

There could also be problems in signing valuable papers to purchase material possessions. With this movement that will be maintained for the next three weeks, you will have to check your bank balances every day and take care of cash and cards.


The first Solar Eclipse of the year will be in your sign in the first hour of Thursday, giving you a very special emotional state and full of expectations.

Now you know that this event will make you change the course in some aspect of your life. Since you could be more sensitive, situations that did not move you before may affect you more this week.

Keep in mind that the turn to take will be totally positive in which new doors will be opened, both sentimental and emotional. Here I suggest you do the ritual to open paths and what you can do with only two ingredients.


This week, with the Solar Eclipse in your sign, it will be convenient for you to pay more attention to your diet and avoid excesses; especially sweets and alcohol because your body will be very sensitive to this event after Friday you will be able to follow the usual routine.


In a week full of changes, you can be very excited and not be able to rest. To avoid this, I recommend using techniques to be relaxed such as the use of different. Also, I advise you to prepare your dream pillow so you can rest better.

For this, look for a small cloth bag and a ribbon of the color that you like the most. Place inside dried lavender flowers and small white quartz or amethyst.

Then close the bag with your chosen ribbon while decreeing that what you are doing will bring you sweet and peaceful dreams. When finished, put it under your pillow or inside its cover. You will see that you can rest peacefully.


The best day of the week for you will be Tuesday because the Sun will be in your sign and will combine with Jupiter and Chiron to give you enough energy, allowing you to feel strong and have a productive day.


The key this week for you will be to clarify your thoughts and emotions regarding your goals. In this way, you will be able to keep your heart and mind open to the new events that the Solar Eclipse in Aries will bring you.

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