Leo weekly horoscope: from April 17 to 23, 2023

Check here Leo's weekly horoscope. Predictions in love, health, and money for Leo by the AstrologyManifest

In the Leo horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, Mercury will begin its retrograde and you should verify that the sending of emails and messages is correct because an error related to this could damage your image. For its part, the Solar Eclipse opens a new social path and the knowledge of new people.


Mercury will start its retrogradation and you will feel its influence on issues related to your work and professional prestige. With this movement, it will be important that you pay attention to the dates of the presentation of works.

Also to the sending of notifications related to your projects or meeting dates, since there could be delays or your e-mails do not arrive.

Also, verify that the sending of information is correct because an error related to this could damage your image, here I suggest you use the best stone for mental and spiritual balance.


During the week you will go through the first Solar Eclipse of the year, and it will generate a change and an opening that will serve to make fundamental changes in your life and reprogram yourself for 2023.

With this event in the next six months, you will receive new information, because it is now when your intellect is prepared to receive another kind of data and be able to apply it to your daily life.

But you must especially prepare yourself because you will change cities or countries and you will attract other types of people into your life to give you the happiness that corresponds to you.


This week, the two important movements that will happen in the horoscope, the first Solar Eclipse of the year and the change of the sign of the Sun, will generate an energetic change in your body that will drive you out of decay, endless melancholy and even symptoms of diseases. inherited.


So that your vibration improves even more and the retrogradation of Mercury does not affect you so much in your work and projects, I suggest you do a little ritual.

Write on a white piece of paper the valuable issues which you want the aforementioned planetary movement not to influence. On the first nights of the week, when you see the stars come out, go outside and light the paper on fire.

Let it burn and smoke release your desire into the Universe. While this is happening, look up at the sky and choose a star. Ask him to protect those issues and you will see that everything will be better.


The best day of the week will be Tuesday thanks to the fact that the Moon will combine with Jupiter to give you a very positive day of business meetings that will generate successful negotiations and thus prepare you for the new cycle of the eclipse.


The key for you will be to keep your vision of life high. If you look at the drawbacks from a certain distance, you will regain your motivation and enthusiasm despite any drawbacks.

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