Pisces Weekly Horoscope: April 17-23, 2023

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In the Pisces horoscope, from the week of April 17 to 23, the first Solar Eclipse of the year generates good and better financial situations. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde brings trouble to friends and loved ones.


The first Solar Eclipse of the year will be in the sign Aries and in the area of ​​your horoscope related to your economy. Being a solar event, you have to rejoice because it will indicate a new positive financial period of six months in your life that will be of great importance because you will be able to stay cold, rational, and cunning to get out of your shortcomings and worries.

Additionally, Jupiter, which is the star of the horoscope associated with spontaneous luck, will also be involved and guaranteeing your prosperity, it will be important that you be attentive to the new opportunities that come to you at the mentioned time.


Mercury, a planet related to conversations and telephone calls, will begin its retrograde during the week. With this influence, you should take more care in communication with your loved ones and your friends, since if you are not clear and concrete, there could be confusion and misinterpretations that would generate conflicts between you.

If you have meetings with them, take precautions to be clear at the meeting point to avoid late arrivals. It is essential that you take into account maintaining harmony with the zodiac signs that tend to have more friends because of their sympathy.


You are an emotional and introverted sign; that is why many times you must be more expressive and put more will to speak. With Mercury retrograde, this could increase, be quieter, more scattered and you could even forget commitments. If you reach this point, you could suffer major upsets that block your positive emotional states and somatize them into digestive problems.


So you can avoid the stress or mental anxiety of Mercury retrograde, make your own anointing oil. For this, you will need the following oils: cypress, which attracts calm, and gardenia oil, which helps you drive away people with conflicts.

Combine a few drops of each in an olive oil base in a small container. Every morning, you can put a little on each wrist or before attending important meetings. You will see that you will remain stress-free and you will be able to take advantage of opportunities.


The best day for you will be Monday, since the Moon and Neptune are positively synchronized, giving you a good day to combine your vital energy with magic to generate new love and friendship relationships that increase your joy and happiness.


The key this week for you will be to open your mind more as a first step to generating innovative financial opportunities.

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