Taurus yearly horoscope 2023: The complete prediction

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Taurus yearly horoscope 2023: The Taurus horoscope for the year 2023 will be very special because you will receive a visit from the planet Jupiter that will bring you blessings, good luck, and prosperity. In addition, you will have the help of Saturn which will reward you for efforts from the past.

You should know how to take advantage of this very special cycle since it happens once every many years. At the end of this article, you will find how to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams.


Everything will change from March 7 because you will have the good influence of Saturn that will help you carry out projects to build a stable future based on recognition of previous efforts.

To this stability, Jupiter, as of May 15, will add its great touch of good luck and protections that will benefit you to grow, expand and achieve economic and work success.

On a love level, the visit of the aforementioned star will also generate opportunities to express love and have a good and happy love life. All these influences will give you an internal well-being that will be reflected in your good health.


Take advantage of them to do your rituals for the beginning and end of the cycle, since they are very powerful for being in your sign.

  • New Moon: May 18
  • Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: October 28


This year will be characterized by:

You will be able to obtain recognition, reap fruits and continue growing through learning to maintain your patience and perseverance. It will be a period in which you will receive the reward for the efforts made in times of adversity.

In addition, you will receive special months of good luck from the Universe that will help you expand. As it will be one of your best years according to your horoscope, you should take advantage of it to strengthen your work bases, increase your power and prestige, and grow financially.

Your main objectives will be:

This year you will want to grow and stand out at work and professionally, based on specific and astute strategies, so that no one will take your rightful place.

You will also seek to concretize and maintain the achievements later because you will feel that it is a time to improve your way of life, achieve prosperity and seek new opportunities.

It will be very important that you do not stop insisting on what you want to obtain since the Universe will bring you more opportunities to achieve what you want.

Months of prosperity and advances:

For your economy:

April and June thanks to the fact that the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be positively activating the sector of the economy of your horoscope. It is during this time that you will increase your negotiating power with the banks, you will be able to request loans, salary increases, and even acquire more material goods and properties.

For your work and profession:

As of May 15, with Jupiter passing through your sign, you will have good luck and opportunities to resolve any difficulties that may arise, change jobs if you wish, or improve the conditions of the current one. It will also be a good time to receive recognition.

If you are looking for a job, consider the option of relevant or international companies, but always raise your aspirations. Even if you can, don’t hesitate to get more training.

Months of care:

For your economy:

The months of January, February, and March will be ones in which you should be more careful regarding the management of your money. This will be because Mars will be passing through this area and will stimulate you to make reckless and impulsive purchases, based on whims and ego issues to stand out from others.

For your work and profession:

During January and February, you should take great care of your professional and work image. You will have to fulfill your responsibilities very efficiently so as not to be harmed because you will feel that your efforts are not bearing fruit, but remember that in a short time, you will have your rewards.

Even if you feel stuck, it’s not time to give up! Here it will be important that you do not lose faith in yourself or in your experiences.


This year, your social life will increase significantly because you will open up more to others, allowing the integration of new people into your life. This opening will be due to the fact that your values ​​and needs will change, and consequently also your relationships. For this reason, many will complete their cycle and move away while new ones arrive.

In the first few months, you will go through a relevant stage of high self-esteem that will lead you to open up more socially. This will encourage you, at the same time, to meet new people who will bring joy to your heart and you will be able to establish very good friendships.

As for your love life, if you are alone, you will notice an increase in your seduction and sexual power in the first months, being the best year to start a good relationship because you will have happiness in your heart and the desire to conquer and fall in love.

After May, the passage of Jupiter, the planet in charge of giving you happiness, by your sign, will bring you the desired person. So you have to prepare yourself by doing Aphrodite’s bath, a ritual to become an irresistible person.

If, on the other hand, you are in a relationship, you will feel stronger and safer strengthening the bonds. Especially from May, since you will want to feel united with your partner and you will be able to maintain a harmonious state by showing more affection and expressing love more physically. In addition, the security that you will have in yourself will turn the relationship around, reaching happiness.

Favorable months for the heart:

If you are single:

During March, July, August, and October, the influence of Mars and Venus will make you cultivate your attractiveness and personal charm. You will also feel with yourself that you will be encouraged to take the initiative to start a relationship. You will be more seductive and sexual, and your love affairs will increase.

If you are in a committed relationship:

The months of October and November will be excellent for growing the affective current and renewing your love and passion. They will be days in which they will be able to value each other more and give a new air to the bond.

Unfavorable months for the heart:

August will be a difficult month due to the Venus retrograde because you could be insecure about yourself. This influence will make you more vulnerable in relationships and can cause arguments, and withdrawals and you will not want to socialize as much. Some love from the past could also return, but you should check if reconciliation favors you.


In general, it will be a good year for your health. As you will feel that your life flows better, you will be less stressed and consequently, your headaches and skin problems, as well as bone problems, will significantly decrease.

In any case, do not waste your energy and take care of your mental and emotional clarity. As you will be stimulated by how well things will turn out, take advantage of this to lead a healthy life, integrate your exercise routine, and maintain a good diet.

Months of better health:

During the months of April, May, and July, the Sun, Venus, and Mars will be in charge of strengthening your health and power of recovery. You will feel more openness and a strong connection with the Universe that will help you achieve a perfect physical and mental balance.

Months of paying more attention to your body:

Starting in May, you should be careful with excesses and control your appetite more if you have a tendency to gain weight, since Jupiter could lead you to excesses in food and drink.

In June, on Mars, you should be careful with your nerves because you may have blood circulation problems and throat and lung problems, in addition to somatizing the problems that arise.

Next, I recommend ritualizing your dreams by building your own Prosperity Box as follows:

Use your magic and creativity! Remember that each step will be better done with the emotion and enthusiasm of being able to attract everything you ask for since the Universe will return the same to you.

  • – Find a brightly colored box, with many shades of gold and silver, or paint your own. When you see it, you should transmit happiness, but above all feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  • – Inside, it forms a cotton base. Give room to your imagination and form a pleasant site where you will support and build your future earnings.
  • – Then, rest on the cotton a ring or pendant of silver and another of gold; It can be real or fantasy because the important thing is that they will symbolize the wealth that you want to have. If you are asking for an abundance of love, you can put a couple of wedding rings on it.
  • – To this, add white and red rose petals representing feminine and masculine energy, as they will give inspiration to your unconscious for the creation and fertilization of businesses.
  • – Then choose a new banknote of the value you prefer and write your economic projects on it and on a pink piece of paper your love wishes.
  • – Cover all this with colored glitter giving it joy. You can also add crystals, stones, or quartz according to your sign such as Amber, White Coral, and Turquoise.
  • – Close it and save it in a private place. When you need to refresh your goals or add orders, open it and transmit your good energy.

In the rituals, especially those of Luna, place your requests here. When they are fulfilled, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives you. Then, follow the indicated dates, so you will use the energies of the Universe and see what a good year will be like.

Recommendations for your Prosperity Box Ritual

Finally, I recommend you make small notes to place in your Prosperity Box to give more strength to your wishes:

  • – 2023 is a time to start projects because they will lead you to achieve your successes.
  • – Everything you do from May 15 and for the rest of the year will be in your favor and will show you a new path to follow.
  • – It is a period to open your heart and be happy.

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