Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: April 2023

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In the Scorpio horoscope for April, Venus will give you a very propitious time to make an emotional transformation and thus open a new love cycle. For its part, the Solar Eclipse will show you new ways to stand out at work.

So that you can orient yourself in this stage of your life, adequately project your work goals, as well as to maintain a harmonious social and love life, I will explain how the energies of the Universe influence you this month.


It will be a month in which the planetary influences will help you focus on your work responsibilities and the Solar Eclipse will show you new ways to stand out at work.

You will want to take more care of your body, reorganize yourself and reestablish all your routines to feel healthier and more optimistic. Meanwhile, in your romantic relationships, Venus and the Sun will favor you in the last weeks so that you can find love or better relationships.


You will start the month with the Sun giving you all its energy in the area of ​​work and professional responsibilities so that you have a very good predisposition to fulfill them, to make them better every day, and thus obtain recognition and you can stand out for your efficiency and responsibility.

Mercury will add its vibration to clear your mind even more, you will be more astute and influential in your business projects, and you will be able to stand out and shine as you have wanted for a long time.

If you are also thinking of starting your own business or if you already have one, Venus will favor you so that you have better opportunities, even more so if you dedicate yourself to real estate or food businesses.

Later, the Solar Eclipse on the 19th will show you new work paths. If you are out of work or want to change it, and if you want to advance more quickly in your finances, this is the best time to do so. Here I suggest you do the ritual with water and laurel so that all your wishes come true.

Finally, the Sun on the 20th will change to the Taurus sign and this movement, according to your horoscope, will be stimulating you to look for new opportunities to earn money through commercial companies. It will be important that you know that the signs of the partners that will favor you for this will be Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and Gemini.

Best week of the month for your prosperity and work:

The first week of this month will be the best because you will have the support of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun to carry out your work effectively.


This will be a great month for your heart since Venus will favor you in showing affection in all your relationships, but especially with your partner and friends according to your horoscope. Thanks to this, you will be able to overcome conflictive situations and reach good agreements to resolve difficulties or disagreements between you.

Later on, on the 20th, the Sun will add its energy to help you increase your social life and feel better about yourself. They will also motivate you to let go and express your feelings, as well as to receive love and enjoy fun moments.

Best week of the month for your heart:

The last week because the Sun will move into the area of ​​committed relationships and will be emanating all its good vibrations so that you can enjoy love in all its facets, both physical and emotional.


It is a good month in general because Mars will favor you when going through a sign of your same element and you will have the ability to recover faster from your ailments. Meanwhile, the Sun will pass through the sector related to your health, it will give you more vigor and desire to put an order in your diet and physical exercise.

Later on, the Full Moon on the 5th will take place in the sector of karmic diseases and symptoms, which is why I recommend that you be calmer at that time and maintain a healthy diet because you will have the tendency to somatize through anxieties, tachycardia and problems of lungs, characteristic symptoms of your sign.

Week of greater vitality:

It will be the second week because you will have already passed the Full Moon and you will have the energy of Mars to overcome all kinds of ailments.

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