Cancer monthly horoscope: April 2023

Check here for the monthly horoscope for Cancer. Predictions in love, health, and money for Cancer by the AstrologyManifest

From the beginning of the month until the 20th, the energy and sunshine will make you intensify your focus and efficiency in work projects to grow your reputation and direct all your willpower to get better job positions. Mercury will make its contribution so that everything flows better and delays and misunderstandings in the professional field disappear.

To this good moment, the influence of Mars in the horoscope will be added so that you stand out as a leader in the presentation of team projects.

But be careful to avoid harshness and further enhance your sympathy. This will help you to get out of any uncomfortable situation generated by your high competitiveness.

Later, on the 20th, the Sun will change its sign and will awaken your interest in doing business outside the company and joining other colleagues or professionals, since you will have become aware that it is best to diversify your economy and have your own ventures.

In addition, these movements will favor you to plan your most vital objectives. Here I suggest you do this ritual with coins to attract economic prosperity. Finally, on the 21st Mercury begins its retrograde and you should be careful with delays and confusion.

Best week of the month for your prosperity and work:

The best week will be the third when the Sun and Mercury will awaken your genius and financial vision.


The Full Moon of the month will be on the 5th, right in the sector of your life associated with home and family issues. It will be because of this influence that you should be careful because it could cause some kind of dispute at home. Keep in mind that they will all be sensitive and this could cause friction and distancing.

Later on, on the 20th, the Sun will activate the sector of the social groups of your horoscope, which will give you more wishes to be happy and you will be willing to fall in love by being more sure of your attractiveness and increasing Gemini sympathy.

In addition, you will be organizing different meetings with friends, who, although they will have a lot of fun, will also share their objectives that will make them feel more together.

Best week of the month for your heart:

It will be the first of the month because Venus will fill your heart with good vibes to fall in love and give you the chance to do so.


The Full Moon on the 5th could cause you anger and negative thoughts that are highly influenced by emotional instabilities; therefore, try to have a calm day and only listen to those comments that will do you good.  

On the other hand, Mars will be passing through your sign that could cause you fevers, infections, low vitality, and even blows or accidents. Here you should also keep in mind that it is not a favorable time to waste energy. 

Week of greater vitality:

In the second week, after the Full Moon, your body will have better energy and you will achieve more emotional stability.

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