Gemini Monthly Horoscope: April 2023

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In the Gemini horoscope for April, the Full Moon could cause you to cool down in love and break up if the bond is frayed. For its part, the Sun helps you achieve the desired job changes.

So that you can orient yourself in this stage of your life, adequately project your work goals, as well as to maintain a harmonious social and love life, I will explain how the energies of the Universe influence you this month.


You will start the month with the good influence of the Sun and Mercury giving you a lot of commercial vision to generate more modern businesses and attract the right people who favor you for this.

In addition, Saturn will show you the changes that you must make in your new professional image. In sentimental matters, if you are in a troubled romance, it could end with the Full Moon of the month.


Until the 20th you will have the good influence of the Sun and Mercury in your horoscope that will awaken your mental agility for the creation of new economic projects in accordance with new technologies.

To this end, you will be meeting experienced professionals and proposing business partnerships, as you will understand that it is time to work together.

Later, the Full Moon on the 5th will show you what are the investments and financial speculations that you have made in recent months and that you should abandon now because they will not give you a good income.

Starting on the 10th, Venus will move to your sign, and in your horoscope, it will make its contribution so that you can improve your social and professional prestige. Circumstances regarding your profession or occupation will be favorable and business relations will be very good. Here I suggest you do the ritual to open paths and what you can do with only two ingredients.

Then, on the 20th, the Sun will change its sign and you will begin to consider that it is time to schedule your professional and economic life in even more detail, review your objectives and put your mind in order.

This will reorganize your schedule according to your new priorities, which will make you stay a little further away from meetings to reassess your personal and work plans.

Best week of the month for your prosperity and work:

It will be the third week of March thanks to the fact that you will have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus giving you their best influences so that you shine in your projects.


During the first weeks, the Sun will highlight your most sociable and friendly side, you will dedicate more of your time to renewing affection, as well as inviting new people to be part of your group of friends.

On the other hand, if you are currently in a complicated romantic relationship, the Full Moon on the 5th could generate conflicts and emotional sensitivities that would end the relationship.

Later, on the 20th, the Sun will change its sign and you will reflect this by being more silent and not wanting to leave your house to socialize.

The presence of Venus in your sign will make you enjoy your inner peace and your solitude while you take stock of how much you have suffered in love and what you will do to change it.

Best week of the month for your heart:

The second week after the Full Moon, together with the Sun and Venus they will fill you with good vibrations so that you can find a new romance.


While the Sun passes through the Aries sign, a fact that will occur until the 20th of the month, you will be receiving its greatest energy to revitalize each of the cells in your body.

Take advantage of these weeks in order to incorporate good habits into your daily diet and more physical exercise. Then, the Full Moon and eclipse on the 19th could bring you discomfort and health problems due to the drop in your immune system.

Week of greater vitality:

The first week of the month will be the best for you, due to the fact that you will receive the rays of the Sun and the mental well-being of Mercury.

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