Cancer yearly horoscope 2023: The complete prediction

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Cancer yearly horoscope 2023: The Cancer horoscope for the year 2023 indicates a very favorable period for you to improve your quality of life and achieve your goals. Throughout the year, the Universe will offer you opportunities to achieve financial and emotional stability.

With this and according to your perseverance, you will have the opportunity to discover positive qualities that you had not brought to light. At the end of this article, you will find how to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams.


2023 will give you many opportunities to improve your quality of life in general and achieve your economic and work goals; especially, those for which you have been making efforts for a long time.

It will be a period of slow but concrete progress, in which you will have a clear vision of where you want to go on both a material and sentimental level. It will also increase your personal power and you will feel strong enough to get what you want.

Personal relationships will be favored because you will increase your level of emotional commitment and your state of health will be good in general.


  • New Moon: July 17
  • Full Moon: December 26


This year will be characterized by:

Growth and professional stability are the most outstanding events this year in your horoscope. It will be a time of firm and stable progress in which job opportunities will appear that you should accept because with them you will build a firmer economic base.

In addition, you will be able to see the result of previous efforts and you will gain more experience and wisdom to know how to move among all those who continually compete with you. In this order of ideas, it will be a very favorable year for investments; especially if you are abroad.

Your main objectives will be:

Stabilize your life on a firm foundation and reap the results of your efforts. You will see that everything you have fought for will be rewarded; Therefore, you will be very determined to get promotions and salary increases.

Your biggest challenge will be to control your emotions and keep in mind that the more you organize yourself and fulfill your responsibilities, the more lasting results you will achieve.

Take the opportunity to implement your new ideas and remember that their results will depend on your work plan. Remember that the more you achieve this year, the better it will be; so you can stay stable for the next to come.

Months of prosperity and advancement:

For your economy:

In the months of June and until mid-July, several stars will favor you, increasing your business astuteness and the agility of your word to attract more customers. Proposals will appear to participate in commercial companies and change jobs.

In November you will be able to realize investment earnings and even bank credits or loans to start your own business. Do not miss opportunities.

For your work and profession:

March and April will be months in which you will be able to stand out since you will be encouraged to develop your leadership skills and gain better positions. Later, in November, your industriousness will increase to increase your income and you will improve relationships with collaborators and bosses. You’ll also have a good chance of changing jobs if you want to, especially if you do the ritual to land your dream job.

Months of care:

For your economy:

From mid-July to the beginning of September, expenses that you did not anticipate could arise, but you will be able to face them. This capacity for resolution will make you feel very good about yourself and you will want to gratify yourself in an exaggerated way by falling into other unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind that these are days not to lend money, since they will not return it to you.

For your work and profession:

From the end of July to October inclusive, Saturn will be retrograde. This will make you feel some time constraints and make some tasks delay but don’t miss your goals. With all this, the Universe will be telling you that you should order yourself even more in your work and that you should take it as a lesson to learn.


This year will be favorable for you in every way; even in your personal relationships and social life. You will continue working on your internal world to be more sociable, but now you will add new value to your friendships by committing yourself more to them. In addition, you will be getting closer to new people with whom you share personal growth interests. So you will find new friends.

In your love life, you will be very prepared for new conquests if you are not in a relationship, but this time you will want to turn your heart around, fall seriously in love and start having well-established commitments. Since you surely come from very unstable experiences, I recommend you do a ritual to help you alleviate lovesickness.

If you are in a relationship, you will be able to renew the bond and love because you will have an emotional attitude of peace and tranquility. You will be more discreet, and balanced, you will know how to handle emotions and you will raise your level of commitment and the concept you have of love and companionship.

Therefore, it will be important to connect with your partner in a deeper way and put aside secrets and manipulations. If you have come with problems, now you can overcome them.

Favorable months for the heart:

If you are single:

During the month of May, Venus will be passing through your sign, so take the opportunity to reinforce your charisma and decide to conquer. With this influence, you will be more friendly, and charming and your power of seduction and the desire to please others will increase.

Then, in November and December, you will have the opportunity to open the doors of your heart and start a loving relationship full of good times. You will be motivated to let out the best of you, being more loyal and committed.

If you are in a committed relationship:

The months of November and December will be the best to settle any type of disagreement and thus reach better emotional agreements. As you will adopt a more committed attitude in your relationship, you will feel that unity is strength and that will be your goal.

Unfavorable months for the heart:

These will be September and part of October because you will be in full energy overload and your tendency will be to vent your anger on your partner. The important thing is that you understand that these will be days to learn to give in and to have a spirit of compromise.


In general, this will be a good year for your health. In the first months, it will be difficult for you to feel stronger, but you will be able to recover immediately and get out of ailments.

Above all, you will be able to recover your good mood, since this is what influences your body the most. You will be more organized in your meals and lifestyle, and you will maintain more interest in consistently establishing an exercise routine.

Months of better health:

The most favorable months will be July and August because your vitality will be high and you will feel stronger than at other times. If you have to do some type of treatment or surgery, the best months will be November and December.

Months of paying attention to your body:

The most unfavorable periods you have will be September and part of October. In these months, you will be very prone to go through moments of nerves and hypertension, falls, or blows. In this order of ideas, you should also be very careful with your digestive system.

Next, I recommend ritualizing your dreams by building your own Prosperity Box as follows:

Use your magic and creativity! Remember that each step will be better done with the emotion and enthusiasm of being able to attract everything you ask for since the Universe will return the same to you.

  • – Find a brightly colored box, with many shades of gold and silver, or paint your own. When you see it, you should transmit happiness, but above all feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  • – Inside, it forms a cotton base. Give room to your imagination and form a pleasant site where you will support and build your future earnings.
  • – Then, rest on the cotton a ring or pendant of silver and another of gold; It can be real or fantasy because the important thing is that they will symbolize the wealth that you want to have. If you are asking for an abundance of love, you can put a couple of wedding rings on it.
  • – To this, add white and red rose petals representing feminine and masculine energy, as they will give inspiration to your unconscious for the creation and fertilization of businesses.
  • – Then choose a new banknote of the value you prefer and write your economic projects on it and on a pink piece of paper your love wishes.
  • – Cover all this with colored glitter giving it joy. You can also add crystals, stones, or quartz according to your sign, such as Opal, Pearl, and Selenite.
  • – Close it and save it in a private place. When you need to refresh your goals or add orders, open it and transmit your good energy to it.

In the rituals, especially those of Luna, place your requests here. When they are fulfilled, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives you. Then, follow the indicated dates, so you will use the energies of the Universe and see what a good year will be like.

Recommendations for your Prosperity Box Ritual

Finally, I recommend you make small notes to place in your Prosperity Box to give more strength to your wishes:

  • – The more disciplined, constant, and patient you are, the more success you will achieve.
  • – Don’t waste opportunities. This year you will be able to build a firmer economic foundation and stable love relationships.
  • – Don’t get stuck in trouble. This year you can achieve whatever you want.

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