Virgo yearly horoscope 2023: The complete prediction

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Virgo yearly horoscope 2023: According to the Virgo Horoscope for the year 2023, you will experience an important period of great changes and challenges, both sentimental and economic.

It will be important that you do not stop and keep in mind that, after the inconveniences that come your way, you will obtain rewards from destiny. At the end of this article, you will find how to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams.


2023 will be a year in which the first few months you will have to make more effort than usual to achieve your goals. During this time, it will be essential that you do not stop and keep in mind that, given the inconveniences that arise on the way to achieving your material and sentimental goals, you should not give up.

This must be so because you will receive the rewards after May with the protection of Jupiter; therefore, you have to continue in your fight. If you dare to do it, you will be able to complete projects successfully, achieve happiness in love and thus continue to grow. As for health, your body will be stronger after the mentioned month.


Take advantage of them to do your rituals for the beginning and end of the cycle, since they are very powerful for being in your sign.

  • New Moon: September 14
  • Full Moon: March 7


This year will be characterized by

2023 will have great challenges, being a period in which you must stay focused on your purposes. You will have to develop all your mental and physical capacities to generate the changes that this stage will require of you since staying flexible will ensure later success.

In the first months, you may have problems with people of authority and you may feel that you have lost your way, but from May this will change and you will be rewarded for your perseverance and efforts. Here you should also keep in mind that you must stay active and put aside all laziness.

Your main objectives will be

As soon as the year begins, you will realize that your main objective and challenge will be to remain flexible and know how to make decisions. Do not forget that the changes you make or the new path you choose will be the ones in which you will be supporting yourself at work and professionally in the coming years. I recommend you to be smart, and cunning and focus on this instead of wasting your energies in power struggles and feeling affected by the ego.

Economic stability will be another goal. For this, it will help you to do group projects or integrate more partners into your business, but at no time should you forget to have good administration and keep money in reserve.

Months of prosperity and advances

For your economy

In February and March, you could have extra income from bonuses or receive profits if you are in a partnership. It will also be a good time if you have to start businesses with other people or find the wealthy partner that so many were looking for. Here remember to support yourself in ritual with coins to attract economic prosperity.

Later, in October and November, your ingenuity and creativity will expand to generate money. You will be able to devise and specify commercial methods for your prosperity and you will travel to expand your area of ​​economic influence.

For your work and profession

Starting in mid-February and March, you’ll have opportunities to make the right efforts to stand out and get noticed by bosses but remember that formal recognition will come after May.

During April and June, you will know how to attract important people who will help you in your profession. You will be enthusiastic and with a good predisposition to efficiently fulfill your tasks, also achieving remarkable progress.

Unfavorable months

In your economy

September will be the month in which you will have the most tendency to get out of control with money. As it will be then that you will feel more stable in your economy, you will also feel a great need to fill your ego and please yourself. If you go overboard and don’t measure yourself, you’ll waste money making extra purchases.

In your work and profession

In January and until mid-February, you will be in a questioning stage regarding your work and your ambitions; particularly, whether or not you have the resources to achieve them.

Since you might feel tired of pursuing goals and not achieving them, if the work situation is very worn out, there will be a good chance of quitting.


It will be a very definitive year socially because many new people will come into your life to benefit you in friendship and also sentimentally. They will be people with whom you can enjoy good times and give your heart. However, many of the old relationships will drift apart; especially the ones that are more worn.

As for your sentimental life, if you are single, you will have opportunities to meet new people and find a new love; of those that are given at first sight and that win the heart. This love will come to help you and make your life happier because it will be the person that corresponds to you by destiny because the Universe will put it in your path.

If you are in a relationship, at times you will feel very distant. It is a year in which how much love exists between you will be tested and you will have to do a lot on your part if you want to continue it. If you want to keep it, I suggest you do the ritual so that the passion never ends in your relationship.

You will live a year of radical definitions and you will have to decide between making your relationships closer or moving away permanently. Because of this, many relationships will end because they have completed their cycle in your life.

Favorable months for the heart

If you are single:

In January, social life and love encounters will increase. You will feel cheerful and happy enjoying an excellent moment to start a relationship full of romanticism and great demonstrations as you like.

Then, throughout the month of October, Venus will be passing through your sign, expanding your personal charm, your power of attraction, and your sexual desire in the conquest of love.

If you are in a committed relationship:

February and March will be months in which your willingness to improve the relationship will increase. You will value the bond and your intention will be to renew the ties and get closer to your partner. Take advantage of these months to resolve emotional and sexual tensions, and share experiences that bring you closer together.

Unfavorable months for the heart:

July and August will be the month that you could find good points of connection with other people, you will feel very distant and with little communication capacity, which would cause problems and estrangement.


This year will be full of changes and this includes, according to your horoscope, taking care of your health. You will have to pay more attention to your body, making modifications in your diet and thus improving your nutrition. You should also take into account that you will feel more tired and weak.

You must learn to manage your states of anxiety and frustration since they can harm your nervous system. Also, you should not overload yourself with activities and you will have to learn to know how to set a limit because your defenses will be low. This is what will make a difference in your health; Do not forget that this year it will be very important not to waste your energy.

Months of better health:

You will be able to keep your vibration high and positive, as well as increase your defenses, in March and November. During this time, any improvement you make in your lifestyle or health treatment will give you very good results.

Months of paying more attention to your body:

January and February will be the months in which you should take care of yourself the most. You will be very upset and without accept the limitations that life puts on you, which will lead you to exalt your bad mood and go through digestive problems and anxiety. The valuable thing here is that you remain flexible in the face of inconveniences and accept changes.

Next, I recommend ritualizing your dreams by building your own Prosperity Box as follows:

Use your magic and creativity! Remember that each step will be better done with the emotion and enthusiasm of being able to attract everything you ask for since the Universe will return the same to you.

  • – Find a brightly colored box, with many shades of gold and silver, or paint your own. When you see it, you should transmit happiness, but above all feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  • – Inside, it forms a cotton base. Give room to your imagination and form a pleasant site where you will support and build your future earnings.
  • – Then, rest on the cotton a ring or pendant of silver and another of gold; It can be real or fantasy because the important thing is that they will symbolize the wealth that you want to have. If you are asking for an abundance of love, you can put a couple of wedding rings on it.
  • – To this, add white and red rose petals representing feminine and masculine energy, as they will give inspiration to your unconscious for the creation and fertilization of businesses.
  • – Then choose a new banknote of the value you prefer and write your economic projects on it and on a pink piece of paper your love wishes.
  • – Cover all this with colored glitter giving it joy. You can also add crystals, stones, or quartz according to your sign, such as Aquamarine, Malachite, and Emerald.
  • – Close it and save it in a private place. When you need to refresh your goals or add orders, open it and transmit your good energy to it.

In the rituals, especially those of Luna, place your requests here. When they are fulfilled, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives you. Then, follow the indicated dates, so you will use the energies of the Universe and see what a good year will be like.

Recommendations for your Prosperity Box Ritual

Finally, I recommend you make small notes to place in your Prosperity Box to give your wishes more strength:

  • – Obstacles are tests of your willpower.
  • – Do not give up, the Universe will always reward you and will conspire in your favor.
  • – If someone leaves your life, they will leave a space of light for someone else.

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