Leo yearly horoscope 2023: The complete prediction

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Leo yearly horoscope 2023: Leo’s horoscope for the year 2023 indicates a period of change in which you will feel more relieved, but it will also be very important that you integrate what you have learned from the last three years. Your life will settle down and you will be able to get out of the stagnation and disorientation of recent years. At the end of this article, you will find how to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams.


2023, according to your horoscope, will be a period in which you must positively integrate all the changes and internal processes that you have undergone in the last three years and thus you will come out renewed with all your strength. It will not be a time to stop, but to feel stronger and start a new and successful work and sentimental path supported by your physical well-being.

As you will have new priorities and another vision of life, you will start a new cycle full of hope. The strength you put into this will be the difference, making this year have excellent results for you and thus you will recover your good health.


Take advantage of them to do your rituals for the beginning and end of the cycle, since they are very powerful for being in your sign.

  • New Moon: August 16
  • Full Moon: February 5


This year will be characterized by:

This year will be characterized by the strength that you will recover every day, realizing that the situations of the previous year have not defeated you. Your goals and horizons will be very defined and especially, in the middle of the year, you will feel that it is time to stabilize your life on firmer bases and that nothing will make you give up.

New job opportunities will come your way and you will think about taking specialization courses. In addition, you will feel confident in what you do, as well as in your skills and abilities.

Your main objectives will be:

Your main objective will be to finish closing a very difficult cycle and get out of stagnation. You will be renewing all your aspirations and you will dedicate yourself to reinvigorating your business and your professional development so that you can later build a firm economic base.

It is important that you keep in mind that it is a year of reconstruction; especially, until the middle of the year. In the first months, you will increase your strength to improve business and achieve promotion and you will begin to give definitive solutions to problems.

In addition, you will have touches of good luck that you should take advantage of. For this, do the ritual to fulfill your purposes and achieve your goals this 2023.

Months of prosperity and advance

For your economy:

In the months of August, September, and October, various planets will activate the sector of your economy, making it easier for you to earn money. You will have new ideas to attract more prosperity and you will be able to receive investment offers online that give you new business partnerships. It will also be a favorable time to request bank loans or approach people who lend you or finance the money you need.

For your work and profession:

In March and April, the Sun and various planets will motivate you to stand out more. You will enjoy better opportunities for your personal performance and thus increase your prestige. These will be days to act brilliantly and to progress and grow at work because your mind will be skilled and active.

Later, in December, it will be the most favorable month to encourage yourself and ask for a salary increase, a good bonus, a promotion, or a change of jobs. If you dedicate yourself to selling products, these will be in high demand and you will gain many customers.

Months of care

For your economy:

July will be a month for you to control your account balances more and your desire to have possessions will increase. You might also be inclined to make a lot of unnecessary and reckless purchases to satisfy your ego.

For your work and profession:

May will be a difficult month because you could have conflicts or difficulties with bosses, loss of documentation, and delays in signing important papers. Be careful with the bad character, since they will be days of little patience.


On a social level, the first three months of the year will be difficult, as you will be going through a process of disconnection from your personal relationships. You will feel distanced and not so understood because you will be making a change in values ​​and reviewing what kind of friends you want by your side.

Although you will not get away from the intimate, it will be a time to rethink relationships to open doors to new people with other interests. Although you will feel that many have turned their backs on you, there are new people who will arrive.

As for your love life, if you are alone, before starting a new search, you must accept the end of the previous relationship and stop thinking about it. In this way, every day you will have more clarity about the kind of person you want by your side. Once that duel is done, value yourself more and attract love with incense, candles, and perfumes.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you will start in 2023 fully prepared to rebuild the relationship, do your best, and get out of all conflicts. Use this to create special encounters with romantic reconciliations. Keep in mind that you can put all your intention to get out of emotional attachments that only hinder the bond with manipulation and jealousy.

Favorable months for the heart

If you are single:

In June, Venus will be passing through your sign, giving you so much power of attraction and self-confidence that you will not hesitate to take the initiative and win over that person you like and think about all the time.

Then, in November and December, you will go through very pleasant experiences, love encounters will be frequent and sexual desires will be intensified. If you start a relationship at this time, it will be quite stable and it will be with a person who cares for you and values ​​you a lot.

If you are in a committed relationship:

January and February will be the best months for you to improve your relationship. The bond will become closer because the affective current will flow more and the communication will become open and sincere. In addition, you will be at peace with yourself and this will allow you to be more attentive to the needs of others.

Unfavorable months for love:

From mid-July to the end of August, there will be months of rethinking yourself and you will have no desire to be in a relationship and prepare to conquer someone new. Everything could be complicated by your introversion.


In general, it will be a year in which your health will improve remarkably because your life will be calmer. Since in the first months, the body can claim the lack of attention that you gave it the last two years due to worries, I suggest you get a checkup.

You should think about increasing your dose of vitamins, taking more care of your diet, and leading a healthier life while respecting your times of distraction and rest. Keep in mind to use relaxation techniques and practice your yoga more. Later, by feeling better and happy with yourself, your mood and the vitality of your body will improve.

Favorable months:

Your physical, mental, and emotional energy will be totally revitalized in April, May, and then December. Your health will be strengthened and sports and physical activity will give you a lot of pleasure.

Unfavorable months:

During October and November, Mars will be making aspects that are not very favorable, thus giving you the tendency to fall, have surgeries, and have accidents. The severity of this will depend on how you control your bad mood and are aware of your actions.

Next, I recommend ritualizing your dreams by building your own Prosperity Box as follows:

Use your magic and creativity! Remember that each step will be better done with the emotion and enthusiasm of being able to attract everything you ask for since the Universe will return the same to you.

  • – Find a brightly colored box, with many shades of gold and silver, or paint your own. When you see it, you should transmit happiness, but above all feelings of abundance and prosperity.
  • – Inside, it forms a cotton base. Give room to your imagination and form a pleasant site where you will support and build your future earnings.
  • – Then, rest on the cotton a ring or pendant of silver and another of gold; It can be real or fantasy because the important thing is that they will symbolize the wealth that you want to have. If you are asking for an abundance of love, you can put a couple of wedding rings on it.
  • – To this, add white and red rose petals representing feminine and masculine energy, as they will give inspiration to your unconscious for the creation and fertilization of businesses.
  • – Then choose a new banknote of the value you prefer and write your economic projects on it and on a pink piece of paper your love wishes.
  • – Cover all this with colored glitter giving it joy. You can also add crystals, stones, or quartz according to your sign, such as Cat’s Eye, Jasper, and Carnelian.
  • – Close it and save it in a private place. When you need to refresh your goals or add orders, open it and transmit your good energy.

In the rituals, especially those of Luna, place your requests here. When they are fulfilled, thank Mother Earth for everything she gives you. Then, follow the indicated dates, so you will use the energies of the Universe and see what a good year will be like.

Recommendations for your Prosperity Box Ritual

Finally, I recommend you make small notes to place in your Prosperity Box to give more strength to your wishes:

  • – It is a time to integrate and learn from the experiences of the last three years.
  • – You will be in full rebirth, so build a new future and create new goals.
  • – Trust yourself and you will regain happiness.

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