Libra weekly horoscope: from April 17 to 23, 2023

Check here for the weekly horoscope for Libra. Predictions in love, health, and money for Libra by the AstrologyManifest

In the horoscope for Libra, from the week of April 17 to 23, the Solar Eclipse will improve your love life and you will be able to attract new people. For its part, Mercury retrograde could cause delays and problems in commercial and labor issues.


Mercury will be retrograde starting this week and will do so for the next three weeks, but especially in your horoscope, you will feel it as soon as the week begins because it will affect your work and business commitments.

As this change of direction will take place in Taurus, the problems of this movement will be accentuated in your business meetings, with partners, and in dealings with colleagues.

You should also take special care when signing contracts, bank transactions, and credit applications since errors could arise.


This week’s Solar Eclipse will bring new expectations to your love life since it will be generated in the relationship area of ​​your horoscope.

The message that the Universe is giving you is that it is time to renew and clarify what kind of relationship you want to build in the next six months, whether you are single or with a partner.

The influence of this astral movement will allow you to attract new people but at the same time change your ways of relating so as not to repeat previous problems. After this event, you will be able to recognize your soul mate when they are near you.


This will be a week of a lot of emotional and sentimental energy since the first Solar Eclipse of the year will infect you with its forces to close one cycle and open another with all the light and thus generate a new beginning in love. This will give you well-being and internal happiness.


If you want to improve your personal energy and keep your vibration high, it is good that you also keep the vibration of your house high because it is your refuge and your nest. For this, it is important that you have several types of plants; one of these is bamboo, which in addition to good luck brings peace of mind.

It is also good to have mint plants in the kitchen since they will keep vibrating for the supply of food. Also, on the outside, windows or balconies, you can use cacti. These will repel negative energy and even thieves.


The best day of the week for you will be Saturday because the Moon and Pluto will combine to give you a surge of positive energy and you will gain enthusiasm and encouragement to achieve the dreams you had for this year.


The key this week for you will be knowing how to prevent the inconveniences that Mercury retrograde can cause you. If you take these corresponding precautions you will be able to overcome all confusion.

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