Weekly astrology prediction October 4-10, 2021


Extract from Patreon – 9th October is the biggest day of the week and month and vies for the day of the year! This is the date on which we see the last of the five squares between Pluto and Eris, the aspect that accompanied the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, the aspect that was closely intertwined with the introduction of Covid-19. In astronomy, the discovery of Eris degraded Pluto. In mythology, it was Eris who wreaked havoc between the goddesses and caused the fall of Troy. Eris brings discord and strife with it wherever she goes … or rather, she shows us where discord and strife are already threatening to tear us apart. During this time we have seen many people fallen from positions of power and exposed for underhanded deals, toxicity, abusive or controlling behavior. But also collectively we saw directly under the carpet how it was pulled away from under our feet at the same time. We also had the feeling that we had finally seen what we were up against, the anger and hatred, the downright filthy division between people, the sheer anger that nourishes the collective shadow that burns with indignation feel the power party. While some of the outrage may be justified in what we make of it, it makes the difference between creating a new world and destroying everything we create.

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The most important aspects of this week

04-Oct-21 Mercury Rx trine Jupiter
Mind expanded. Gather your books. Read the news. Register for a course. Review your judgments before making a decision.

05-Oct-21 No essential aspects

06-Oct-21 New moon in Libra. Pluto stations directly
A new beginning around relationships. Setting intentions for peace and harmony. A crucial day for shadow work. Liberation from Hades. Regaining control. A power surge.

07-Oct-21 Venus enters Sagittarius
The need for freedom of movement in relationships. Believe in each other. Follow your heart.

08-Oct-21 Sun conjunct Mars
The beginning of a new cycle. Illuminated gates. A burst of passion. Feeling light and alive. Energetic shift.

09-Oct-21 Ceres stations in decline. Pluto square Eris. Mercury connects the Sun and Mars. Venus in conjunction with the South Node.
A dynamic day in the cosmos. Major collective shifts to redistribute power. Learn to let go. Gaining clarity but having to hold on to the thought before taking action.

10-Oct-21 No essential aspects

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