Weekly astrology prediction October 25-31, 2021


Extract from Patreon – With the last quarter moon in Leo also on October 28th, no wonder that we want some attention and see life on the sunny side. The moon in Leo needs the light, needs to be seen, needs to embrace the inner child and play. But the Scorpio sun means that it is Scorpio season and we are naturally drawn to deeper issues, truth and fear, intimacy and power. While these issues need to be addressed regularly, we also need to balance these issues with things we enjoy – whether it’s a movie night, an afternoon in the park, or a quiet game of chess with the neighbor. Adult life is tough enough so it is important not to forget our inner child, who sometimes still needs to be entertained. All in all, the moon opposes Saturn, making this quarter moon a T-square that pushes us back to the Scorpio sun. Maybe we have the feeling that someone or something is preventing us from enjoying life, denying us what we need, pouring cold water on ideas. The pressure on the Scorpio sun encourages us to be in control and be ready to let go of things without playing off.

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The most important aspects of this week

25-Oct-21 No essential aspects

26-Oct-21 No essential aspects

27-Oct-21 Venus Square Neptune
Fascinated. Illusions and disappointments. Fall in love with love. Rigid eyes. Attraction for orphans and strays. A charitable heart. Gullibility.

28-Oct-21 Venus sextile Jupiter. Last quarter moon in Leo
Generosity. Happiness. Happy in love. A childlike need to keep things light and happy vies with a more complex desire to deepen intimacy or explore the unknown.

29-Oct-21 No material aspects

30-Oct-21 Saturn’s solar square. Mars enters Scorpio
Hit a wall. Putting up barriers. A need to explore personal limits and where we limit ourselves. Growth through trials. Motivated to confront personal demons. Find the courage to change.

31-Oct-21 No essential aspects. Samhain.
The veil between the worlds is thin. Honor the ancestors. Publication.

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