Weekly astrology forecast May 3-9, 2021


Extract from Patreon – On 5th of MayJupiter will reach the final degree of Aquarius and will become anaretic by May 13th when Jupiter enters Pisces. Anaretic planets tend to manifest in more extreme ways and can be fleeting. Since Jupiter is already enlarging what it is touching, we have even more extremes here. We are very focused on freedom, liberation, politics, social connections and sociability. I thought of large groups of people gathering. The UK has already had some test events, a nightclub open for a special night without social distancing or masks. Instead, they were all tested before and after the event. If this event proves successful, it paves the way for other similar events. In other places, of course, the restrictions have been tightened again so that Jupiter can increase anticipation or fear of the future to that extent.

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The most important aspects of this week

03-May-21 Mercury square Jupiter, solar square Saturn, moon of the last quarter of Aquarius
I feel cooped up. Overwhelmed mentally. Focus on what can be achieved today, no matter how small.

04-May-21 Mercury enters Gemini
Curiosity is aroused. A need to communicate. Establish a connection.

05-May-21 Jupiter anaretic until May 13th, Jupiter sextile Ceres
Extreme focus on the future. A great desire for freedom. An informed, nurturing approach will ease the anxiety.

06-May-21 Venus trine Pluto. Chiron sextile north knot
Embrace change. Deepen feelings. Showing vulnerability brings a better understanding.

07-May-21 Mercury out of bounds
The mind works in a wild way. Ingenious and / or crazy ideas. Sudden silence.

08-May-21 Ceres enters Taurus. Venus square Jupiter
Excessive indulgence. Suppress feelings. Nothing is enough. Maintain self-esteem

09-May-21 Venus enters Gemini
Socializing. The desire for lightness and lightness. Wavering in matters of the heart.

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