Twin Flame Levels – The levels where you will find your twin flame


Finding your twin flame is a challenge. While everyone has a soul mate, not everyone was chosen to have a twin flame. While most people think they are the same, in fact, they are very different. A twin flame is a much deeper connection than a soul mate because twin flames are actually each half of a soul split in two. This means that the Twin Flame connection is more than a romantic connection, and there is a chance that you may not be romantically interested at all, even though you will both love each other intensely. Twin Flames are not a relationship based on romance, but on oneness. Yes, your soulmate may share the same energy as you, but your twin flame was once a part of you.

There are phases to meet your twin flame, just as there are phases to meet every important person in your life. It’s not easy to find your twin flame and fall in love with a mirror of yours. While the connection will be different from any other you’ve ever experienced, the thing to remember is that no one likes to look in the mirror. The honeymoon will fade away and you will both be forced to deal with the parts of yourself that you don’t like – the parts that still need growth and spiritual development.

Twin Flame Stages Breakdown

The first stage in finding your twin flame is to feel the longing for them. You will look high and low. You will try a number of different relationships that are positive that each is your twin flame, only to keep getting disappointed. Eventually you will give up ever finding them. You will feel so broken and beaten that you will give up the idea of ​​ever filling that void in your soul and give you all hope of ever feeling whole again into the universe. This pain is necessary. It is part of helping you break the chains of your soul so that you are ready for what is to come.

In the second stage, you finally catch a glimpse of your twin flame and when you do you will realize how wrong you were in believing all of these other relationships to be right. At that moment, that realization that you have discovered your other half will sound so clear that you cannot doubt it. However, the process of awakening and recognizing your twin flame is not the same for both people. One of you will be ready, the other won’t even notice.

The third stage starts slowly, but then breaks forward in a burst of speed that can take your breath away. Once you recognize your twin flame, you will do whatever you can to spend time with them. And before you know it, you fell in love with her. Sometimes this includes romantic love, but more importantly, you will be in love on levels beyond those of a mutual relationship. Your relationship will progress so quickly that others will worry about how close the two of you will be so quickly, but you will both be sure that your relationship is strong and secure.

The fourth stage is difficult and painful. This is the stage of growth where you are forced to really see yourself and see the hidden parts of your soul that you don’t like and that are reflected back to you in that person you love. Worse, you will reject this idea even though part of you knows it is true. You will resist the idea that those things that you repel through your twin flame are also to be found in you because you are both part of the same whole. Here the relationship becomes dark and unhappy.

It is important to note that while this is an unfortunate and difficult period in the relationship, at no point does a Twin Flame become abusive towards their other half. If you are in a relationship with someone who is abusive, they are not your twin flame. Go as soon as you are sure you can.

The fourth stage pain leads to the fifth stage of running and chasing. One of the partners will be so disgusted and scared by what they have seen in their soul mirror and learned about themselves that they will go nuts. You will likely feel like you are losing yourself and who you are instead of seeing what you are experiencing is soul ascension. The other partner will chase after them and try to avoid growth as well and instead force the runner to develop first. This dynamic can last months or even years. During this phase, they will also experience breakups. These will be difficult – the separation often causes great agony and distress for the persecutor as he longs to be with his twin flame.

It is important to focus inward during these times and work on healing and growth. The more you take this time to improve and your soul to grow, the shorter the breakups will be. But if you keep wasting them, you can delay your union with your twin flame.

At the end…

Eventually you will both surrender. You will accept that you simply cannot live without the other person – no matter what you do, they are always in your head, in your heart … under your skin. They both stop running and expect the other person to change. You accepted the person in the mirror, opened deep wounds in your soul and worked to grow and heal. While this stage may go back to the run and chase stage, it is a sign that you are almost ready for the final stage.

Merging with your twin flame is the final step in finding your twin flame. You realize that you are both part of the same soul being, you are ready to give up selfishness and the ego and build a healthy and love-based relationship that encourages both people to be who they are when they complement each other.

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