Timing, Tarot, and Manifesting – How Does Timing Work?


Timing in tarot and manifesting is a dubious, tricky, and passionate topic that leads to debate. It must not be. It took me years to get used to the timing of reading tarot and manifestations.

I remember when I was much younger I was always frustrated when my mother read tarot to me and she couldn’t give me a really solid schedule for certain predictions. She would try, but I knew she disagreed with the timing. Then the tables literally turned and I started reading for people and realized how hard it is to predict the timing. Let’s put it: it’s almost impossible. There are times when the unfolding of things is so clear, planned, and precise that you can. And of course, tarot cards are associated with time, months and seasons. But being too specific in reading can be problematic, just as setting a deadline for manifestation can be toxic.

Life is an ongoing divine act of creation. There are no deadlines in the spiritual real, which by its nature exists beyond measurable time.

Facts About Timing In Tarot And Manifesting:

  • If you are stressed about the timing of your manifestation, you are stressed about your manifestation AKA resists her
  • the timing is out of your hands: Manifesting is NOT your job. You set your intentions and then you allow. You don’t control the timing because you’re writing the score, but you don’t orchestrate: the universe does. The faster you accept that … the faster your manifestations can come through
  • Timing can change – this is why it is so difficult with tarot predictions – based on your reactions, resistance, counter manifestations, additional intentions and more. But that’s ok. Making a detour or getting lost along the way doesn’t stop you from reaching your destination. It works both ways, however: you may have taken a shortcut and arrive much faster than planned.

Why I advise against hard deadlines and time pressure:

  • Deadlines are the epitome of Limitation (in time AND essence)
  • Time pressure creates resistance and works against you
  • Your manifestations are divine acts of creation (Time is not relevant at your highest level of self)
  • A deadline means you believe there is a solid chance your manifestation will not occur (limiting belief central)

Time stress is usually a sign of lack of belief, doubt, and limiting beliefs. I see it often when people are trying to manifest their ex and are still heartbroken for example. It is very difficult to overcome certain limiting thoughts when the feelings are so intense. I know. I was there and when you are in that position now I really feel for you. But that is exactly the point to take control of your life and your world through manifesting and energy work (& reading). Once you can rise above the feelings by not assigning meanings and predictions to your feelings and really detaching yourself from the outcome, you have that Winning formula to get anything you want.

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Okay, but that doesn’t mean you can’t control anything. Your intentions are clear to the universe, you should always know that. So if you are manifesting a particular person, I am not saying that you have to agree to have him show up in 35 years. It is clear that we are in the present and manifest in the present (Power of Now, always).

But when you look at a date in the future, you are not in the now. If you “miss” the deadline you set yourself, you create limiting and conflicting beliefs in which you affirm that your manifestation is not occurring (and you continue to manifest deficiency in the present moment).

Separate yourself from the result. Separate yourself from WHEN your manifestation should occur by simply knowing that it is accomplished and therefore is essentially there anyway. Stop looking for it and stop looking at the calendar and it will run to you faster than you thought possible.

What is your experience with timing and manifesting? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

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