THE POWER OF MANIFESTATION | Lesha on the connection with the universe


Lesha is an aspiring singer-songwriter and music producer who has enjoyed success in the digital arena with her own distinctive brand of contemporary electro pop.

With over 242,000 followers on YouTube and over 22,500 monthly listeners on Spotify, Lesha introduced herself with a bang in 2018 with her independent debut release Two Faced. The EP included the hit single “Bury,” a collaboration with Australian rapper / producer riddo that grossed over half a million online streams and topped Spotify’s OPM rising playlist charts.

Now Lesha is back with a slew of new releases starting with the theme song of an upcoming full-length album called Sun Moon Rising. Lesha says the new record under Star Music is a collection of Lesha’s writings that portray the distinctive sides of herself – or what she sees as the artistic manifestation of her different lives and view of the world from her own point of view.

Characterized by rousing lyrics and a mixture of music genres such as electronic pop, hip-hop, alternative, jazz, trap and EDM, which are close to her heart, Sun Moon Rising is an affair of the heart that Lesha would very much like to share.

“The past few months have been full of challenges and experiences, but I’m really happy that people are finally hearing this work that I’ve worked so long and hard on. To be honest, it feels super surreal, ”she exclaims.

Each track has its own strength in relation to a certain feeling, from memories of good times to the feeling of power, letting go of inhibitions to finding love in the midst of chaos; all these diverse emotions that can certainly be attributed to the listeners. Lesha made sure that each song can stand on its own as a powerful track and even stronger as an effective part of the Sun Moon Rising album.

Like many other artists, Lesha was able to benefit from the ongoing pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. Working alone in her bedroom, where her studio is also set up, was pretty cathartic for her as she was inspired not only for her music but also for the music videos she personally shot in her own home.

“The way the universe communicates with me is through my songs, and that’s why I basically chose to call this album Sun Moon Rising because it relates to astrology and how the universe works, to communicate with us humans ”, Lesha explains the title and concept of the album.

The special thing about Sun Moon Rising is that Lesha has been able to work with talented producers and artists from all over the world, including the UK, USA, Seoul, Barcelona, ​​Bahrain and Italy.

“It was a very collaborative process and it was a breath of fresh air to work with these incredibly creative minds. With this record I was able to shape my sound and really prove my skills as a music producer and songwriter. I’ve worked on this album from backend to front and I’m really proud of myself, ”enthuses Lesha.

The album’s title track, “Sun Moon Rising”, which is also its carrier single, is about the strengths and weaknesses of the sun, the moon and a rising sign that fuels a certain alter ego, and how this affects the various modes of expression yourself. Lesha says the song revolves around their curiosity and desire to understand all aspects of a person and understand why they are who they are.

More tracks from the album with Lesha’s global collaborators will be released over the next few months. As a true believer in the power of manifestation, Lesha says the album is the universe’s way of telling her to work hard to indulge her passion, pour her heart into it and attract positivity.

“If being in the music industry is something you definitely want to pursue, do it and put your heart into it. Artists who have this courage and passion for what they do will definitely take it further. So be prepared for the struggles you have to face because this industry is tougher than it looks. As an artist, I started building everything myself, which I still do to this day, so I believe anyone can do the same as long as there is a willingness to learn and a clear goal. There will always be people who have an opinion about you or your job, which I learned the hard way. Know how to separate hate from constructive criticism. Keeping this in mind has really helped me grow and undergo a reality check from time to time. Sometimes you just need people who really believe in you and your abilities to be successful, ”Lesha concludes.

Lesha’s music including the new single “Sun Moon Rising” can be streamed on Spotify. Fans can also check out their official music videos and covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube channel. Check out Lesha’s official site for more updates.

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