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If you could believe that you really are limitless … who would you be and what would you like to do?

September is just around the corner … the month of ‘9“, The energy of transformation and completion. The Nine gently reminds us to connect to the source and intuition for our answers, rather than through books or other resources.

Instead of being advised or influenced by others about what to think and feel, we can choose to see the potential we were born with. If you could believe that you really are limitless … who would you be and what would you like to do?

What would you change in your life?

The chakras

So I wondered what a perfect time to connect with the seven chakras. These are energy channels that are located in our body, from the top of the spine to the top of the head. The chakras are the life force that flows through our intuitive, mental, emotional and physical body. An interruption in life energy can feel disoriented and potentially lead to fear, despair and / or illness.

This article examines the different vibrational influences of each chakra, their specific color and their position in the body. We will then examine the connection between numerology and chakras – the energy of any number can stimulate the life and health of any chakra.

Numerology and the Chakras

Numerology is the influence of numbers on every aspect of our lives. Each number has a certain energy that can move us to action or deep inner thoughts. Today we examine the numbers 1-9 and how they correlate with the 7 chakras.

As an example, the 4th chakra (the heart) resonates with love and compassion. In numerology, the numbers 2 and 6 have an inspiring effect on the health and balance of the heart chakra.

I shaped the numerological effect of numerology and the chakras as NumeroChakracology. Click here to know more about each chakra and the corresponding numbers according to numerology.

Once you have learned about the chakras and their numbers, here is a meditation.



So what can we do with all of this information to improve the health of each chakra and take action for a stronger life?

My offer is a meditation. You can do this every day throughout September. You have the choice to focus on one chakra for the whole month or more.

Accessories: magazine / colored pencils / ballpoint pen / candle. Prepare in a quiet room without interruption.

Meditation: Close your eyes and imagine an energy slowly flowing through the chakra channels of your body. Return to the chakra that requires your attention.

– Ask, “What is your message for me at this point?” Continue the flow through your chakras and send a wave of calm.

  • Open your eyes. Write your message in your journal and any other lessons and impressions you have learned.
  • Then draw an icon or picture that reflects your instructions.
  • Add the number / s to your picture using the numeric value of that number. B. work with the throat chakra. Place three 3’s and five 5’s on your symbol. See the picture below.
  • Ask, “What is your message for me at this point?” Continue the flow through your chakras and send a wave of calm
  • Finally, what small steps can you take today to keep your aliveness alive?


As an example, here is mine. 29th August.

My throat chakra: I feel stuck and lose my voice.

News: “Stop lingering in your head!”

plot: Write this article.

I would love to hear from you and send Pix!

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I wish you a lot of love, freedom of perfection and transformation!

Your creativity,


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