Numerology 2021: July and number 7 – time to reflect


What impact will July 2021 and number 7 have in this life changing time on the planet? What did we learn from the pandemic?

The nice thing about the trip is the walk.

According to numerology, July and number 7 have a spiritual and reflective energy, Seven invites us to reach into the unknown. How in time, when we finally emerge from our doors without a mask – we are in an unknown world. At the moment we may not know all the answers or questions, but we can be guided by curiosity.

We can ask: What are the characteristics that make me unique? It is not what others think of you or what others think of you. It is beyond that – the 7 energy does not care. The nice thing about the trip is the walk.

It is your decision to discover everything that life, nature, mind and soul can offer you.

Here is an opportunity to put the book “Abbruch” back in the closet. Of course, you can have another topic on your belief system shelf. The prerequisite for the book is that it protects you from being present and enjoying the adventure of life.

When you stop the loop, you can separate yourself from what you have always done and how your belief system defines you.


An illustration by Kintsugi by Greer Jonas

Let’s take a look at a Japanese practice called Kintsugi. The approach is to put broken ceramic pieces back together with gold. It is a spiritual metaphor to welcome your imperfections as unique parts of you.

Another expression for this is “Wabi Sabi”. Everything is perfect in its imperfections. An example of this practice is the ceramic plate that I repaired using the art of Kintsugi. (See picture)

July and number 7 month theme

How will you embrace your unique self this month? In numerology you can find your personal topic of the month based on your birthday.

Once you find the numerical theme, you can design a new path that is unique and honoring you.

The formula

How to find your Topic of the Month. To illustrate, I’ll use the birthdays of April 11th and 12th.

Personal year: First determine your personal year by adding the sum of your birth month and your birthday to the current year. To enable the possibility of a Master number (if two numbers are the same) you need to follow the formula to add each number separately. See the two examples below.

July and the number 7

However, if your birthday is on April 11th, your personal year is a Master’s 11th.

July and number 7

(To find out more about your personal year 2021, see this article.)

Personal monthly theme for July

To find your numerological topic for the month of July, add your personal year to the month 7.

July and number 7

Now that you’ve found out what your personal topic of the month of July is, read the definitions in this post.

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