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What can you do when you have dealt your tarot cards to read but the meaning of one of the images in your head is lost? Here’s an easy way to interpret the meaning of a tarot card: think about the qualities of the color it belongs to.

  • Cup suiting is all about the emotions: love, relationships and emotions.
  • The suit of Pentacles is about the material world: practicality, money and business.
  • The sword suit is all about your mental expression: thoughts, worries and demeanor.
  • In the Wands suit, everything revolves around your enthusiasm: passion, energy and drive.

Some meanings of tarot cards are obvious when you consider this: for example, on the card Two of the Chalices you see two people moving towards each other. Are you discussing business, arguing, or perhaps traveling? Since this card is from the cup color, you can ignore all of these options as this color represents the emotions, so it is most likely a developing friendship, maybe even a romance.

Other cards are more difficult to interpret unless you specifically associate them with the qualities of the suit. For example, consider the card called the Seven of Cups. There are so many symbols on this card that it can be difficult for a beginner to figure out what they mean. On this card we see the main character standing in the dark and facing many temptations. From the clouds of illusion rises the vision of a series of mugs containing a woman (lust), a snake (wisdom), the lock (security), jewels (wealth), a laurel wreath (victory) and a dragon (originally) Energy). The figure in the central cup is veiled, yet it radiates loving energy. It is a representation of the choice man will eventually make if he can ignore the dictates of his mind and body and follow his heart instead.

This card reflects the teachings of Aleister Crowley in his Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn: “If the student is successful in the following exercises, he will be faced with things too glorious or too terrible to be described. It is important that he remains in control of everything he sees, hears or imagines; otherwise he is the slave of illusion and the prey of madness. “

At one blinding moment, the seeker on this map is overwhelmed by things too glorious or too terrible to comprehend. He is shocked and impressed by the situation he is facing. It is obvious that he has the option of bringing one of these treasures into his life, but which one will he choose? Which one will have lasting benefits? What brings the most luck?

This is knowing that the quality of the suit of cups is related to the emotions. Keep this in mind and the meaning of the tarot cards will become clearer when you look at the symbols in the picture. For example, the skull (etched into one of the mugs) now indicates that the emotional world is full of ups and downs, and situations that look ideal on the surface can prove unsatisfactory if you are not careful. Knowing that cup color is all about feelings, you can look at this card and see that there are many distractions in life and you must choose from the heart if you want to be rewarded with emotional gratification.

What about the veiled figure in the middle? This is the personification of the Holy Grail. Finding this sacred vessel is tantamount to searching for a higher meaning, searching for spiritual perfection and loving union with the divine. It’s about the desire to have a noble purpose in life and find true love. In this map, it shows a way to discover your true nature, but you have to refuse distracting influences and make your choices with devotion.

When the seven-of-a-cup card comes up in a reading, it is tempting to say that because of all the choices that appear, it’s just a question of being confused, but that interpretation relates to thinking while thinking about the color of the Mug on the emotions. This map shows that despite all the distractions from the mental and physical world, people eventually realize that staying true to yourself is the right way to go. Following this highest calling is the moment when you will listen to your heart’s desire, accept the peace of the Holy Grail, and allow your inner selves to open to divine guidance and wisdom.

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