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The Libra season is the second crucial pivotal point of the year. The Libra season runs from the date of the fall equinox, September 21st through October 22nd. Just like with the vernal equinox, we regain the equality of day and night. But instead of the daylight hours getting longer, they are now getting shorter and darkness takes over … (At least in the northern hemisphere.)

So now we’re getting more introspective and looking back at the year and what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve lost, and possibly reevaluating our relationships. Of course, Libra is the “other half” sign, and it represents balance precisely because it contains the equinox.

The Libra season gives us the opportunity to accept both the light and the dark in our lives. It’s also the ideal moment to do shadow work. At the same time, we don’t want to get too angry! After all of that hard work the Virgo season, it’s time for a good ol ‘Libra pampering. We can also drop our hair and socialize!

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With the extra time we have after the hard work of the past few weeks, our thoughts could turn towards romance. When we’re single, we long for a partner who is the other half to us. Libra season is not a time to be too independent because we will have a stronger need than usual to connect with other people. Relaxation and enjoyment are easier when you have company. Otherwise, it is too tempting to get back on the treadmill of the Jungfrau season out of boredom.

Mabon and pagan festivals

How did our ancestors celebrate the fall equinox? The Celtic pagan festival at this time of the year is called Mabon, named after a Welsh god. Mabon was a child of light and son of the earth goddess Modron. So this is another Christ archetype.

In Christianity, the autumn equinox stands for the death of the Sun King and the crucifixion. The power of the sun diminishes and the tree sap returns to its roots. As a result of this loss of moisture, the leaves turn into fiery red and gold orange.

Gift ideas for Libra’s birthday

Now we’re preparing for winter when some of us will go into hermit mode. (Until the Christmas festivities force us out.) But wait, we’re not going to lock ourselves up right away, of course! Before we cocoon, we have to celebrate!

Mabon celebrates the second harvest and is a time of thanksgiving for the gifts of the earth. We can also light a candle for ourselves and our loved ones, thank the Spirit, and feel gratitude for the good in our lives.

Reap rewards

Mabon is about harvesting what you have sown over the course of the year. It’s also a rest period as a reward for all of the hard work. We look back at how the seeds we sown in the spring thrived (or not) and revise our plans accordingly. It’s a peaceful time to reflect, but also to have fun.

Leisure activities are most important, but more precisely with other people. An outdoor party with family and friends would be perfect. Catch the last rays of the sun while you can. Symbols of Mabon are the cornucopia, the cornucopia. It represents both the male and the female as it is both phallic and hollow.

The apple of Venus

The apple is also very symbolic of the Libra season and Mabon, as the apples ripen at this time. If you cut the side of an apple, its hidden pentagram becomes visible. The planet Venus, who rules Libra, is also in the shape of a five-pointed star during its synodic cycle.

Every eight years Venus returns to the same place in the sky as it can be seen here. The pentagram of Venus. There is a lot of magic on the planet Venus! The darker days give us more time to sleep and meditate, making it easier to connect with other dimensions.


In Christian tradition, we celebrate Michaelmas, which is celebrated on September 29 just before the autumn equinox. Michaelis is known as the feast of the angels. Archangel Michael is the greatest of all angels, known for defeating the devil. With Michaelmass we humanize the equalization of day and night

Michaelmas marked the end of the farming year and initiated the accounting. Libra balances the books! Folklore suggests that Michaelmass is the last day we can pick blackberries and again the devil shows up.

Satanic blackberries!

“It is said that when St. Michael drove Lucifer, the devil, from heaven, he fell from heaven and landed in a prickly blackberry bush. Satan cursed the fruits, scorched them with his fiery breath, stamped, spat, and urinated on them so that they were not suitable for eating. As it is not advisable to eat them after October 11th ~ Wiki

Rudolf Steiner says Michaelis is the second most important festival after Easter, so that one can again recognize the parallels to astrology and the polarity to Aries and Libra. Remember, Aries, corresponds to the first house and ascendant, while Libra is the seventh house and descendant.

The ascendant / descent axis is critical to the natal chart. So I believe Steiner is right when he says: “Easter is about Christ (“ He was laid in the grave and he was risen ”). Michaelmas is about man as soon as he finds Christ (“He is risen, therefore he can be laid in the grave”), which means that man finds the Christ (risen); therefore he will be safe in death (placed in the grave with confidence) “

Christ & Creativity

So the Libra season is about finding our higher Christ selves and our spiritual guides. Sometimes we find ourselves in a fight with a partner who reflects our shadow over us. Another way to make the unconscious conscious is through creativity. Libra rules the art, so take your pen on paper to see what flows out of this wand.

Getting involved in an artistic project would be a fantastic way to spend those long winter nights. Libra season challenges us to be proactive and creative rather than just passively consuming the latest Netflix series. The devil does work for idle hands, as they say!

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