How to use a lunar diary for manifestation, what is a lunar diary?


If you’re looking for a new, fun way to connect with yourself and your feelings, try moon journaling – at least for a spell (sry, had to).

Compared to regular journaling, Moon Journaling gives you some additional guidance: a schedule to follow and prompts based on the phases of the moon. It also helps you keep track of when you are feeling the strongest or most motivated during the month. Most importantly, you can work with the universe to thrive.

“We have to go through different cycles, just like the moon goes through different cycles,” says Shakira Maria, spiritual mentor and creator of @ Law.Of.Attraction1111 on Instagram, where she has over 700,000 followers. “And I think if we look at our emotions and development the same way we look at the lunar cycle, that will really encourage us in those deep moments in those dubious moments.”

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Wait, what’s the moon doing with * me. to do?*?

If you ever find yourself caught up in your feelings, you have to thank (or blame) the moon. In astrology, the moon symbolizes your emotional side and includes everything that concerns you personally: your innermost dreams, values, fears. And of course: “Moods is very involved in the practice of journaling,” says Nina Kahn, astrologer and author of Wander the Stars: A Journal for Finding Insight Through Astrology.

Maria emphasizes that our moods are connected to the moon because both are constantly changing and evolving. Basically, the moon is pretty much THE metaphor for understanding the eternal process of personal growth.

What do the different phases of the moon mean?

You can divide the complete lunar cycle from new moon to full moon into nine phases. But for journaling purposes, The Moon Journal writer Sandy Sitron recommends sticking to the four most important ones: new moon, first quarter moon, third quarter moon, and full moon. Each takes place about once a month and lasts about two and a half days. To find out the current moon phase, download an app, use an online moon phase calculator, or just go outside at night and have a look around.

new moon

The New moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle and occurs when the moon is aligned with the sun. Keiko Ariizumi, astrologer and author of The Power Wish (approved by the only Marie Kondo) says that the moon’s gravitational pull maximizes its energy during this phase and we can use it to manifest our deepest desires. Imagine accomplishing any goal during the new moon, short or long – start your own business, move to a new town, improve your sanity – and write it down in your journal.

Moon in the first quarter

The moon in the first quarter radiates a happier energy than a new moon. The goals and manifestations you set for yourself during the new moon are slowly coming to life, which means a lot of anticipation – the good kind. You are likely feeling energetic, so this is the perfect opportunity to add more to your to-do list and get to work.

Full moon

The full moon is a time to harvest the seeds that you sown during the new moon. But it is also an opportunity to thank the universe for listening. “Everything has two sides,” says Ariizumi. “Anyone who writes wishes on the new moon days must write gratitude on the full moon days.” Yes, your lunar diary also serves as a gratitude diary.

You can also do so-called “shadow work” when the moon is full, suggests Maria, also known as working on personal qualities that need improvement. The full moon is shining brightly, so it’s time to take a good look at yourself.

Third quarter

After the full moon, the moon begins to lose its light in the third quarter and appears smaller. To live up to that energy, Sitron says it is a good time to go through the process of letting go. Think: forgive yourself and others, leave behind a toxic relationship (also known as … let go of them), let go of negative thoughts, and clear your mind. Ahh.

How often should I write in my lunar journal?

For those who feel that they don’t have the time or energy for a daily entry: no pressure! Sitron recommends putting pen to paper when the moon transitions into one of the four main phases – about once a week. And according to Arrizumi, you only have to write on the new and full moon – twice a month. (Although during the other stages, you can write down updates on your goals and intentions to your heart’s content.)

Exactly what you write in your lunar journal is entirely up to you – venting emotions, pursuing personal goals, setting an intention to manifest, making a to-do list, whatever – but aligning your journaling practice with the moon can help you to ponder your mood and make the most of this moon mood.

Let’s say you want to focus on finances. The new moon (the stage for setting intentions and expressing wishes) would be the perfect time to write down budgeting or a bad spending habit. And yes, manifesting even a million dollars is possible, says Maria. (Brb, add that to the list.) But it can take a few years and a lot of hard work – so don’t rely on the moon to cover your rent.

Okay, but what about the zodiac signs?

Once you get the hang of tracking the phases of the moon, try weaving in the stars. As an astrology writer, Kahn frequently studies how the energy of the moon connects with the signs of the zodiac. For example, if the moon is in Gemini (a communicative air sign) it is a good time to write about convos or connections you would like to have with others. Or if the moon is in Pisces, a creative watermark, use this inspiration as an outlet for your journal.

“The moon moves pretty quickly through the zodiac, unlike the other planets,” says Kahn – it takes the moon about two and a half days to move through each sign instead of weeks, months, years or even decades (for you, Pluto). Basically, with the lunar diary you can study how the moon phases and the zodiac signs they are in affect you personally.

Requests to record the moon

If you’re having trouble getting started, don’t worry! Maria shared some specific diary prompts to try. All you have to do is put in your own intent.

For the new moon, start your input with: “I intend to feel … and” I intend to call … ”

For the Full moon, try: “I intend to share …” and “I intend to be clear about …”

There are no rules! If you are a visual person, Maria recommends writing your intentions on extra-large paper and sticking it on your wall or sticking a post-it note on your mirror. If you are an early riser, try writing a journal first thing in the morning. When your brain turns on after sunset, light a candle, curl up, and write at night.

“I don’t see it as a science,” says Sitron. “I see it more as an art or spiritual practice that helps me see my life from an objective point of view. It’s a great way to explore [emotions] and create clarity. “

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The Power Wish: Japan’s Leading Astrologer Unveils the Secrets of the Moon to Find Success, Happiness, and the Favor of the Universe by Keiko

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The Lunar Journal: A Self-Reflective Journey Through Sandy Sitron’s Astrological Year

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Moon Lists: Questions and Rituals for Self-Reflection: A Keeping Diary of Leigh Patterson

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