How to know the meaning of a tarot card


There is a huge difference between reciting an interpretation for a card and knowing what that card is about. Here’s how to get a deep understanding of the meaning of a tarot card in no time.

Let’s use the card named The emperor for our example. If it shows up in a spread, you could say, “This card represents power, leadership, and authority.” It’s a valid interpretation, but it doesn’t give you a sense of how this card completely fits the question. You sparked an idea, but you don’t have the fuel to turn the meaning of this card into an angry fireball of meaning, awareness, and relevance to the query.

Do you remember when you treated people the way the Emperor would? Remember when you were acting with authority; When you knew your path was the right one and that others should follow your example. Remember when you were responsible for a difficult situation. And think of a time when you felt completely in control and people relied on you. This is the Emperor’s energy, and once you’ve experienced his power he’ll feel more real than if you just read a description in a book. With that in mind, always remember what it felt like to act like the emperor when you see him in a tarot drawing and you will have a much better idea of ​​an interpretation rather than memorized words about the meaning to recite the card. As you do this for each character in the tarot, you will bring them to life by realizing a personal connection with their energies.

A few years ago a friend of mine made a decision that expressed the energy of The Fool from the Major Arcana. It was just before midnight and he had been to a party in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. When he was leaving the party, he drove to the main city intersection and stopped. He said to himself, “If I turn right, I can be home and go to bed in half an hour. If I turn left I could drive 8 hours and be in Melbourne for the soccer game I want to see! ”He turned left and drove to Melbourne. He slept in his car before going to the soccer game and then drove home. He knows what it’s like to do something impulsive, spontaneous, exciting, and fun! He didn’t have a change of clothes, he didn’t even have a toothbrush – he just wanted to do something else and went off. How fantastic! It makes me smile when I think about his adventure. He chose to embody the energy of The Fool and had a meaningful weekend.

Do not think of the tarot as something that you need to learn. Avoid looking at the cards and then trying to memorize a list of traditional meanings. Tarot should not be viewed as an intellectual exercise, it should be felt in the heart and the meaning of the cards should be discovered. Like a pirate with a treasure map, go hunting for the signs and symbols on the cards that point to the gold of understanding and enlightenment buried in the tarot. In order to feel the interpretation of the cards, one has to know what it is like to be that character. Whenever possible, get in touch with the energy of the characters in the cards to truly appreciate their essence. With this in mind, your readings will improve dramatically!

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