How to have faith and manifest yourself easily


Your honest thoughts are the unfiltered manifestation of your beliefs. And they in turn manifest in your 3D reality. So who is the boss? Your belief system. 100%. Always. The whole time.

So how can you make everything optimal for you? In other words, how can you have faith and easily manifest anything you want?

Faith is a muscle and needs regular exercise

The strength of your beliefs combined with the nature of your belief system determine your point of attraction.

In this context, let’s first clarify the word belief. Faith is not a religious term as I use it. While you can absolutely manifest with your belief in God, I am talking about the belief that you put in yourself. Your confidence in knowing that things will always work for you. Your belief in the perfection of the creative process and the expansion of the universe. It’s like an exquisite sense of trust. They know that if you stumble, you will be caught before you hit the ground. You know it’s there if you ask. Hence, you can trust the process and not break a sweat on the trip.

The foundation of a good spiritual training routine is to find your faith and define it in a way that works for you.

Interact with your faith in a lighthearted way

The greatest thing you will achieve as you work on your faith is to discover that everything is always right in the now.

Gratitude and trust are the basis of strong faith. To strengthen your belief muscle, make sure that you make lists of gratitude while trusting that things that don’t seem right will actually serve you without your full visibility.

We usually understand why something happened in a certain way (sometimes uncomfortable) to serve us in the long run or to make us dodge a bullet that would have hit us harder. Of course, the goal is to experience life in an enjoyable and joyful way, but knowing that we are well taken care of even during difficult times is a good starting point for evaluating your faith.

You will also find that the more faith you have, the easier things get, and you won’t even notice bullets dodging as they slowly and completely disappear from your surroundings. Then it gets even more interesting.

Would you like to strengthen your faith quickly?

Are you having problems with your spiritual training or are you finding your rhythm? I am here for 1-1 coaching sessions and would love to help you live the life you deserve.

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