How to Create a Vision Board That Works for Manifestation


As a self-proclaimed manifestation coach, I made vision boards before they were trending. As a teenager, I pored over stacks of old magazines and excitedly tore out all the things I wanted, page after page. So many of these things have come about over the years. Dream career? Check! Soul mate? Yup! Bylines in cosmopolitan? Complete! In other words, vision boards work.

Would you like to learn more about Vision Boards for Manifestation? I spoke to my mystical friend Natalia Benson, a conscious business coach, money mentor, and astrologer, about vision boards, including what they are, how to make one, and what to do to activate their magical powers .

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Wait a minute, what is a vision board?

“A vision board is a board that can be physical or digital, that is, a collection of images that reflect wishes you have for your life that you would like to fulfill and experience,” says Benson. What makes a vision board magical, she adds, is that images are the language of the subconscious. You are responsible for helping us make these dreams come true.

How do I create a vision board?

1. Find a board

You can make a physical, tangible vision board out of a foam or poster board. Or, if you’re a tech-savvy mystic, any app or photo editing program like Canva can create a digital version (bonus: free). While more time and energy intensive, Benson prefers a physical vision, but notes that digital vision boards can be just as powerful.

2. Find pictures that you are comfortable with

Next, collect all of your inspo images. Benson recommends using Pinterest or Google to find images to print, or go old school and crop images from your favorite magazine that you are comfortable with. The key, says Benson, is to find images that “activate and inspire you” and represent things that you want to manifest in your life – a dream home, more money, a new vibrator, whatever.

3. Include short and long term goals

For your vision board, you can focus on short-term, long-term goals, or mix it up. “There is so much magic in being willing to dream these bigger dreams,” says Benson. Even if these dreams feel unreachable at the moment, she says, “There is so much power in seeing these images and focusing on them for a long time.”

4. Add words and phrases if you want

This step is optional, but if you brighten up certain words, phrases, or magical mantras (e.g., “I’m the baddest slut in town” or “I’m a money magnet”), Benson recommends adding them to your vision board. “Your vision board is really a space to inspire and activate your energy; that’s really what it’s there for, ”she says.

5. Put everything together

Finally, you need to make it official and stick the images on your vision board (if it is physical) or finalize your digital board. At this point you can just keep it up with just dreamy pictures or let your freak flag fly and go wild with stickers and glitter. Up to you! “You can do whatever you want,” says Benson. “That’s the nice thing about the Vision Board – it’s so creative.”

How to use your vision board for manifestation

Okay you made your board !!! What now?

Vibe daily with your vision board

Once your vision board is ready, ignite its magic by looking at it daily. For digital vision boards, Benson recommends saving it as your phone or desktop wallpaper so you can see it all the time. For a physical vision board, she recommends placing it in a place where you can see it from your bed. The night, she says, is a particularly potent time to work with your vision board: Our subconscious can be most strongly influenced shortly before falling asleep.

Take action

According to Benson, manifestation is a two-part process. It’s partly vision – this is where working with your vision board comes in – and partly action. “The universe has to help shape it with us,” says Benson. “We can’t just sit back.” For example, if you want a dream job, you can spruce up your resume, submit an application, and prepare for your interview (and then destroy it!).

The cool thing about working with vision boards, adds Benson, is that when your subconscious is soaking up all the images, it prompts you, either internally (including your intuition) or externally, what actions will bring you closer to your goal.

Don’t worry about the “when”

In order for vision boards to work, you need to resolve attachments as to when things will manifest. “Don’t put pressure on yourself or the universe to deliver your vision board in a specific time frame,” says Benson. “Surrender is a big part of the vision boarding process, but it’s also great fun to just trust the process.”

Always with Tranquillity

And finally, when it comes to vision boards, you know you can’t go wrong. “As long as it activates you and you are ready to use your vision board regularly, this is the recipe for truly experiencing the joy and fruits of power of a vision board,” says Benson.

Jessica Estrada is a freelance writer, editor and copywriter based in sunny Los Angeles.

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