Get Real – Overcome Tarot Superstitions


We live in an enlightened age. In these modern times, consider a modern approach to tarot, which means leaving behind the dark ages of superstition and ignorance. Let’s cover some of the superstitious concepts I occasionally see on tarot forums …

Q: Do I need to bless my cards before using them?
Mister Tarot: No. They are just a deck of cards. Just mix and go!

Q: “My old deck is worn out, how do I dispose of it?”
Mr. Tarot: A surprising number of people on these forums come up with suggestions like, “You should burn them.” Or they say, “You should profane and bury them.” Listen people … we’re talking about tarot cards here, don’t about nuclear waste. Instead of throwing them all away, why not put your favorite cards in frames? Or, use these older cards to draw your “Card of the Day” and stick them on the fridge to remind you of the energy you are likely to experience over the next 24 hours. How about sticking one of these on a cardboard box and turning it into a greeting card for a friend? Or laminate them and use them as coasters! Don’t waste these lovely cards … even if they are a bit old and don’t mix as well as they used to, there are many ways you can use them to decorate your home.

Q: “What do you do to protect yourself during a tarot reading?”
Mr. Tarot: Do you make the sign of the cross and say “Ave Maria” when talking to a friend on the phone? No, so why should you do this when you are doing a reading with your tarot cards? Worried about being possessed by evil spirits while playing canasta or bridge? Of course not, they play cards! Tarot cards are a set of playing cards that are combined with some trump cards. Sure, these trump cards have archetypal figures, but archetypes are everywhere. Archetypes are mother figures, father figures and heroes – you don’t have to protect yourself from such symbols.

Q: “Do you need to prepare a sacred room when reading tarot cards?”
Mr. Tarot: No, you don’t need sacred space, but if you want to tune in to your intuition you have to be receptive to it, so you need time and space to feel comfortable and “in the zone”, but it doesn’t have to be sacred zone!

Q: “Although I checked that all the cards were upright before shuffling, sometimes a card in the deck magically flips over and is dealt the other way round. Does this mean that this card must be read in reverse? ”
Mr. Tarot: The laws of physics and nature still apply to tarot cards. You unknowingly put a card upside down in the pile. Make no mistake about the fact that there is a magical being trapped in your tarot deck in this card game. Be honest about your tarot readings and realize that you don’t have to resort to belief in the supernatural in order to use tarot.

Please understand that tarot is based on intuition and an understanding of symbolism and psychology. Some knowledge of the basic principles of tarot will help you interpret it and produce more accurate results, but believing that your tarot cards have supernatural powers to predict the future only takes your own responsibility and (in all honesty) too Your credibility.

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