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The full moon October 2021 falls on 27º Aries. Aspect: Broad conjunction Eris versus the square of Mars Pluto. Cardinal T-square alarm. Fixed star: Asked Kaitos. Tarot card: 4 wands. Healing crystal: hematite

This October full moon is going to be violent! There’s a lot going on in all of these aspects, and we’ve plugged the moon right into this mighty T-square. However, there is at least one fearless Mars trine Jupiter that could lead us to victory. Ceres trine Mercury is also interesting in terms of propaganda against the propagandists. Mercury receives some stability from Saturn as it makes a weak trine to it in Aquarius.

Full moon OCTOBER 2021 Contents

October full moon 2021 astrology

The air signs have the edge on this full moon. There are three personal planets in Libra and Jupiter with Saturn are still in Aquarius. This T-square really kicks the ass though! Cardinal Squares attack and don’t waste time procrastinating. Mars square Pluto, while it is also trine Jupiter, is REALLY interesting. Decan 3 Cardinal Signs will have the challenges, but as we will see, like Andromeda, fate will save them from the evil sea monster. But we have to be brave and fight like Perseus!

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moon In Aries Decan 3

The moon does not gain astrological power from its placement in Aries decade 3, and usually the watery, vulnerable moon in Aries is very clumsy and even quite powerless. However, this dean, controlled by Venus / Jupiter, still has a specific watery atmosphere due to all of the sea stars found here. Carefully and strategically directed feelings can make us effective in our actions even in the presence of these annoying fixed stars.

Eventually, despite the challenges, the moon finds some rhythm and flow. Those touched by this full moon can then navigate the more difficult events on their journey. Artists will learn to be pretty comfortable in Aries Dean 3, as that dean’s deep insane vibrations are something that the creative spirit can really thrive in.

Bounty Hunter & Black Gold

So we need to have an artistic outlet to unleash our creative fire on this full moon. Here, too, similar to the sun in Aries Decad 3, we will have to play our constantly changing moods to our viewers. Our fleeting emotions can make for an entertaining drama.

The full moon takes poetic inspiration from daily life that could elevate the experience to a form of high art. (Instead of simply moaning about encounters at the local store.)

With this full moon, our regular daily life can improve psychological understanding and melodrama. (Something like a Mike Leigh movie!)

Full moon tarot card

The tarot card associated with this dean is the four of wands associated with reunion, homecoming, fellowship and celebration. The effect of the happy Jupiter can be felt just as clearly on this card as the close bond between Star Alrisha and the religiosity of Acamar.

So despite the monstrous influence, this position is generally karmically positive. The fortune could be a reward after a few lifetimes of devotion and deferred satisfaction.

“This card heralds the successful achievement or desired outcome of a situation or project through hard work and determination. The four of the wands can highlight the “settling in” period after this performance and the desire to establish some sort of roots. The Four of Wands brings stability, order and security back into your life after a time of upheaval, movement and transition. It also underscores a period of contentment that is a much-needed experience for the frenetic Wands type. ”~ Teaching Metarot.

Fixed star Asked Kaitos

Baten Kaitos is found in the sea monster Cetus. Neptune sent this great whale (as some myths see it) to devour the bound princess Andromeda. King Cepheus sacrificed the poor mite to appease an angry Neptune. Cassiopeia (Andromeda’s mother) bragged in vain to Neptune that her daughter was much more beautiful than any of his sea nymphs. So Andromeda was chained to a rock, but eventually the brave Perseus stepped in to save her.

The “epic proportions” of this dean are strongest here. According to Robson, Cetus, the constellation in general, is “supposed to cause laziness and idleness, but impart an emotional and benevolent nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes you amiable, prudent, happy on water and on land and helps to find lost goods. ”He goes on to say that Asked Kaitos “There is compulsory transport, change or emigration, violent accident or accident, shipwreck, but also rescue, falls and blows.”

The chained princess

Elsbeth Ebertin is even more negative .. “The Whale really means“ monster ”. The Saturnian qualities such as inhibition, restraint, caution, loneliness and simplicity are often imposed on such people, either by a worldly or a higher power.

Sometimes ideas are propagated that make life difficult or difficult for the locals. For such people, fate is usually a change. People influenced in this way tend to become depressed or dwell on the thought of death. Life is often full of humiliations, sacrifices, and obstacles. But the position of the complete chart is always important. ” [1]

For some reason, I think of Greta Thunberg for the energy of Aries Decade 3. The black gold (oil) issue is strong, with her concerns about carbon emissions. In addition, Greta has had quite pushy parents behind her. (Shades of Cassiopeia) For some real occult programming, check out this photo shoot from the Guardian in the UK. Breathtaking one-eye visuals.

The meaning of the tarot card shows that this dean is not half as threatening as it initially seems. I always say that T-squares are in-clad diamonds and when we transform them they are much more impressive than any great trine.

Other than that, there is a nice mix of trigons and squares that are a bit like Mars and Venus. The sun / moon contrast of Aries / Libra also makes us think of love. Perseus fought a sea monster and eventually married the princess.

What does the full moon in October 2021 mean for YOU?

The full moon in October 2021 in Aries falls under sun / horoscopy: 1st house for ARIES, 2nd house for TAURUS, 3rd house for GEMINI, 4th house for CANCER, 5th house for LEO, 6th house for VIRGIN, 7th house for LIBRA, 8th house for SCORPIO, 9th house for Sagittarius, 10th house for Capricorn, 11th house for AQUARIUS and 12th house for FISH.

Full moon crystal hematite

I chose this crystal because it goes with the black theme, but with its silver sheen, it also looks like a mirror. Hematite is associated with Mars (opposite the moon) and Aries and is therefore associated with the energy of the full moon. It connects us to our base chakra. (Yes, we like a bit of ‘base’.) This stone is perfect for giving us the courage of Perseus, and it will help us ground ourselves when the media is hysterical.

Black stones offer us protection and at the same time absorb the negativity of others. Hema is a prefix that means “blood”. (as in hematology), which comes from the Greek “haima”. This crystal naturally strengthens and regulates the blood supply and heats up the blood in our veins. Hematite helps with willpower and compulsions. This crystal will help bring stability and balance to the rough seas of Aries Dean 3.

Full moon Summary October

Whales are funny creatures because they are huge and scary, but at the same time they are gentle giants with cute faces. Whales symbolize protection, gratitude, wisdom, collective awareness and psychic abilities. Whales are the bearers of history and mean very deep emotions.

“Just as the whale can dive into the depths of the sea and withstand immense pressure, so can people who hold the power animal whale endure both emotional and physical pressure. But not forever, like the whale has to emerge to get new breath, so must you. ”~ Krafttier.info

So courage is required on this full moon in October 2021, and it is there to ride with Mars on the happy Arcturus. (Brings profit and popularity, but can be extravagant.) With all this, let’s not forget Eris; she is still square Pluto. So the archetype of the dark mother (again controlling, nanny state Cassiopeia) is active. As I speak in the UK, we are having problems with the oil supply to our gas stations.

The media caused a stir over the shortage of truck drivers (how?) So everyone panicked and now my local station is closed. It seems to fit right in with the new green agenda and scarcity narrative. This is also the full moon that is closest to Halloween. There were also indications of power outages. Dark times indeed. Have a supply of candles ready!

1. Fixed stars and their interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.14

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