Fall Tarot – Seasonal Spread Tutorial


Autumn is just around the corner! And isn’t it just the best time of the year? Also the perfect time for a very inspiring read for the coming months. This is a busy season, often productive and changing. Let’s make sure we take advantage of all opportunities and make the most of them.

The wonderful Victorian tarot is a great tool for seasonal spreads and to prepare for the next 3 months. And now is the perfect time to discover what autumn has in store for us! Here is a seasonal spread tutorial to help you prepare September through October and November.

The seasonal spread can also be referred to as the Herald’s Welcome as it is “overseen” by the Herald of each fairy court – if you want to refresh your memory of the minor arcana of this deck, just take a look at my introduction to the Victorian fairy tarot here .

This is what my spread looks like for autumn.


Put the Herald of the Court you are calling on on your table. Here we read for the fall. Then put 3 cards that you carefully choose into the full deck (main + minor cards). The first card represents the chance of the coming season, the second card shows you how you can use this chance, the third shows how you can give something back and be grateful. Note that the message of each of the 3 cards is not the same for every season! But you don’t have to wait until December for a new seasonal tutorial 😉

Card 1 (opportunity)

2 of Spring: This inspirational card is a signal of new creative energy. It tells us that energy is coming back, that positive and productive energies work together. It is a very positive message that heralds an opportunity for creative spirits. Nice things will happen. Keywords: renewed energy, productivity, talent

Map 2 (sustainability)

Ace of Spring: The essence of spring is in this card that tells us about awakening and enlightenment. You need to open your eyes and be ready for new things to come into your life. So take advantage of the opportunities this autumn has to offer. Don’t be afraid to let in new people, be open to change, happiness awaits! Keywords: Positive changes, new beginnings, accepting changes, being aware of the outside world

Card 3 (gratitude)

Six of Summer: The fairy on this card calls for peace of mind and acceptance. The Six of Summer tells us to let others play and learn at their own pace while we are there for them without judgment. Do not judge, accept differences and take your inner child with you everywhere ‘Cause your own innocence will be your best companion. Keywords: benevolence, kindness, peace of mind, acceptance

Conclusion: Through new activities and thanks to an open mind, this autumn will be filled with new blessings and creativity, peace of mind will be regained and harmony will reign. The fairies speak of appeasement and the return of inner joy.

hand_directionTop! If you don’t have a Fairy Tarot Deck, you can replace the Herald with the Page or a supporting character from the minor arcana of your deck (don’t use the King or Queen!). You can then translate the seasonal dishes as follows:

Wands represent spring
Cups represent the summer
Coins represent autumn
Swords represent winter

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