Do Free Tarot Readings Have Any Value?


An ad for a free tarot reading is tempting, but is it really worth clicking there? If it just takes your time it doesn’t seem like a huge risk, but what about the price of incorrect information? Most people want to know that conditions in their life are getting better. So what if they get a false hint from a tarot reading that their dreams are coming true?

  • What if the person with money problem ignores their budget and spends a lot to feel better?
  • What if the person who is desperately looking for a relationship clings to the first person to show interest in them because they believe that they are destined to be?
  • What if the person who hates their career quits their job because they think a new one is offered?

Free tarot readings on websites are usually computer generated and use randomly selected cards that do not contain any real input from the person asking the question. It may seem like you are selecting certain cards on the computer screen, but how can you possibly know?

The brief, general interpretation for each card is often vague and too concise to read any meaningful value. A good read means being able to link the images together and see the conjunctions of the cards when they fall next to each other. For example the meaning of Three cups will be very positive when it is called in conjunction with the card The star. In this situation, it will likely be a festival because there is good news and promises for a good time. But when the same card is surrounded by The devil and The tower… it may indicate that the people you think are your friends have lied to you and that not only is anger brewing, but it is boiling over and causing a lot of conflict.

Even if a card appears in a different position within a spread, the meaning changes. The fool is one of the happiest characters in the entire deck, showing a light-hearted and optimistic attitude – and when he does show up in the position of a spread revealing the challenges ahead, it means you need to avoid complacency and start being a responsible person. If a website gives you the same interpretation regardless of the card’s position in a spread, regardless of the cards surrounding it, you can be sure that their “free” reading is just one way to entice you to their website for them to follow can bomb them to advertise or get you to pay for an expensive fortune telling with one of their readers to get more information about the situation.

The big question is: what connection do you have with a website in cyberspace? Does this website have empathy for you? Can it sense your needs Does it have consciousness? When you read with a tarot professional, they connect with you: your story, your needs, your dreams, your fears, and your future.

In a personalized tarot session, the reader gives their interpretation based on what they see on the cards rather than keywords repeated from a memorized book. A professional reader can also suggest when certain events are likely to occur – you can’t get that from a robotic card reader. In an online tarot reading, you have computer generated spreads with overly easy interpretations. These websites can only give basic generalizations that you must try to adapt to your circumstances. You need to choose which part of the text is relevant to your question, and that means that your objective mind has a chance to link wishful thinking to the outcome.

If you need advice, find a professional reader who will listen to your question and provide you with specific information to help you make informed decisions about important areas in your life. Or, buy a good tarot book and learn the art of divination so that you can have insightful free tarot readings for yourself anytime!

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